lost a 5v6 match

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a superb demonstration of horrible punishing matchmaking.

i had the badluck of winning 2 games in a row,

got in a game where, levels are clearly one-sided


it was a loss in the making at the hero selection (what a great game)
and in the first 2 minutes, someone on the other team disconnected.

yet we managed a big 0% control on the map.

How in the hell this is supposed to happen.

Why am i getting punished for playing the game good?

I used to be a platinum in this game, now i cant even win a placement match because i always get instalock hanzos and genjis that cant even get more kills than me as a tank
You are playing hog in silver league. If you can't win games with THAT pick solo in that league you most definitely don't deserve to be in Gold+. Im sorry dude but Hog is a pick that can get your mediocre plat player all the way to GM if he one tricks it.
He's the king of soloQ.
You can get mad at this post but it's the plain truth. Also how were you plat if you can't punish mistakes silvers make? And they make a lot of them, i dropped to 1667 once playing with some friends and i got out of silver the next day playing solo. If i can do it , so can you and any other player as soon as they understand how.
6v5, 2/2/2 composition and when you lose, everybody is at fault except you.

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