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So because the Dive meta may have its terrible return, I think we need the next hero to prevent this. I just chose Maximilien for my idea because I like the character. Feedback would be great and if you have any ideas please comment them below!


125 (75 armor)

Primary Fire-Dynamo Bullet___________________
Type- Single Shot Hitscan
Reload time- 1.5 second (0.3 reload time after every shot, similar to Ana)
Maximilien shoots a bullet from his pistol that slows enemies.
Additional Info-Enemies hit will have their movement speed decreased by 35% for 1 second. The slow effect does not stack. Can go through Defense Matrix and shields and starts it back on its full cool down (in Reinhardt's case, the shield's health just goes to zero).


ABILITY 1: Enervator Bug
Type-Arcing Projectile
Projectile Speed-
AoE (Area of Effect)-15 meters
Duration-4 seconds
Maximum Range-15 meters
Cooldown-8 seconds for one charge, 24 for both charges
Maximillien throws a bug onto an enemy that leeches energy from them, making their movement speed slower
Additional Info-Enemies that have a bug attached to them will have their
movement speed decreased by 40%, the decrease starts to decay by 10% every second.

ABILITY 2: Illusion
Cooldown- 6 seconds per charge, 12 for both charges
Maximilien makes up to 2 decoys of himself to confuse the enemy. The decoys do move around, but don't shoot or jump.
Additional Info-The decoys disappear after 3 seconds.

Type- Area Of Effect Field/Transformation
AoE (Area of Effect)-20 meters
Ultimate Charge-3700 points
Duration-10 seconds
Maximillien starts glowing and creates a 20 meter radius, spade shaped aura. Enemies in the aura has their movement speed decreased by 25%, while teammates in the aura have their ultimate charge go up by 20% all at once.
Additional Info-Killing Maximilien will cancel the abilty.
Launch Doomfist with a seismic slam that resets on kills and shields that don't deteriorate over time.
Reaper is Anti dive
reaper, junkrat

if ur team sucks uninstall
01/09/2018 05:22 PMPosted by Ragology
Launch Doomfist with a seismic slam that resets on kills and shields that don't deteriorate over time.

Just give Hanzo two crossbows with a scatterability each.
scatter is still an ability not everyone being able to use successfully. #phairenuphph
forget the upper part.. ^^
i always like to see someone takes some time and writes down his/her ideas about new heroes for the game but your hero sounds for me basicly like "mei" but without freezing enemys.

i like the ability idea about the decoys tho, reminds me a little about handsome jacks ability in the pre sequel

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