Reinhardt Vacuum Charge and Dead on Charge Bugs

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Is this ever going to get fixed. Ill have a Rein charge me, ill see him coming in the distance and move tot he left or right but get sucked into it. When I play Rein and charge someone and completely miss them, some how they get sucked into me for the pin. The person Ill pinned will say in chat that it was a BS pin and I would say yea it was, you got vacuumed into it. Something else that happened today with the vacuum charge was when I was playing Moira, faded through the charge and appeared a couple feet behind him but got sucked into it and died. This should not happen if you are to the left, right, or behind the charge.

Then there are the dead on charges. It doesn't happen as often as the vacuum charge but you charge someone dead center and it just knocks them back instead of pinning them. How is it you can charge someone dead center and it knocks them back but someone who gets a love tap gets vacuumed into a pin instead of being knocked back?
Just had a game in qp. Was playing 76 standing on the payload shooting a pharah. The Rein charged the payload and from where I was standing on the payload, sucked into the Rein and pinned into the payload. The rein on the enemy team even said in chat "wtf lmao" and I just laughed with him.
Rien is in a pretty bad state right now, if you tone down the hit box on charge you'll be repeating doomfist's nerf. Plus if they did that they HAVE to remove genjis deflect box

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