Why can't you disable hero when they are clearly broken?

Competitive Discussion
It happened once where D.va had a bug and was disabled from all game mode but why can't this be done on Competitive mode when a character is way too strong and ruins the game?

Here I'm clearly speaking of Mercy and I know balances are being tested and changes are coming but in the meantime, why can't she be disabled from Competitive?

- If you are a support and dare not to play her, you get talk !@#$.
- If you are a support and never play her, you are forced to play her.
- Fights are determined by which Mercy gets her ultimate first.

Overall when a character is this broken, why not simply disable her from the time being and make the game much more enjoyable for everyone while we wait for a fix? This is obviously a rant against Mercy but also a measure for future Hero that would also be overpowered.

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