Hey, Blizzard, 95% of your playerbase doesn't care about OWL

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I care about it, but i think that blizzard should focus on the main game more and less on overwatch league.
I actually care, owl is the capcom pro tour of overwatch and id like very much to watch some high level competition. If they charge 5 bucks per skin just whatever i just want to warch some good matches. And if you say the player base dont care well, its sad that this community is so ignorant cuz is by watching pros play that you can see what is good in a game and whats not and overwatch is no exception.
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I still have no idea what this OWL thing even means, can someone explain that to me?

It's in lieu to ana's skin from the winter wonderland. People have been outraged by the skin for quite some time now, and it's just starting to boil over. Long time coming man. Also, OWL is Purdue's writing lab, in case anyone is interested.

Boiler up!
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Never watched e-sports before but looking forward to overwatch league

Exactly. I'm the kind of guy who won't even watch real sports even though I love to play them. I'm finally interested in an e-sport and got into Twitch after OW came out. Looking forward to supporting my teams down here in TX.
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I feel sorry for the teams that have to wear skins lit up like neon signs advertising their hitboxes.

Actually, for the league itself, the skins aren't seen by the people playing. They see the default skins. The recolors are purely for the viewers. If they didn't do that the teams with vibrant colors (aka whoever the home team is) is at a huge disadvantage.

So don't fear, the only ones lit up advertising their hitboxes are those in your competitive games using those skins.
5% of 35Million. is a good start i guess
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couldn't give a hoot


Ah I get it! Because owl!
if they had canada in there then i would care a little more but well! they dont. so i don't give two #$%@ about OWL and never will.
95% where did you get these statistics? 100% of the people I know that play OW are stoaked about it
All I care about is the skins, not the team itself, just the color.

I don't care about OWL, but it seems that the OP and a lot of other people actually do care quite a bit. Why are people always going on and on about OWL if they don't care about OWL? I don't care, and I don't give it a second thought. I'm not being oppressed by it.

You should give actually not caring a try, it's pretty nice.
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I think you should care about OWL cause they are your Ordinary Wizarding Level test. Get your wands ready boys and girls! It's going to be a tough one this season with all the spells you need to remember.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks about Harry Potter when they see OWL
All of the logos look the same and are the same inoffensive "block letters" that's making college logos so boring. Maybe they could make it so teams design their own stuff rather than trying to screw them for money by making them buy their own skins.
hey OP, 99% of people don't care about your opinion.
Why wouldn't people care about OWL? And they aren't really shoving it down your neck as you say.
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Forcing down our throats? how? by advertising e-sports content in game and providing content to the people who want it? why are you so offended? im pretty sure they aren't installing a virus via Battlenet that will open 30 tabs of the overwatch league stream in your browser or anything.

It doesn't need to be plastered all over the launcher and the games menus though.

Personally, I don't understand all of the aversion to esports. Competitive games like CSGO, Dota, LoL, etc. rely on professional esports for popularity, revenue and maintaining the playerbase. Successful competitive games have successful esports communities...

What I meant by my post is that I wish blizzard had gone about it differently. Their overpriced skins being the primary selling point of their professional league isn't getting the community involved. Introduce us to the league by offering things such as videos introducing key players, or information on the teams that's easily obtainable through the client itself.

When I started up the game today I had heard of maybe one of the teams. I don't know who plays for the team, and I didn't even recognize the others. As I was scouring through the client more, all I learned was three things...

1. When the matches are, and who's playing
2. The teams
3. That some of the teams had really neat color schemes, and others I didn't enjoy as much.

That's giving me basically no information. And of course each and every one person who isn't familiar with OWL could look up the plethora of information that's probably online, but you'd think with the competitive games starting again that blizzard would want to push INFORMATION on their community. Get us HYPED and EXCITED about the league. I was excited about my new skin, it honestly looks really cool... but it didn't prompt me any more than before to watch any of the live games.
35,000,000 * 0.05 = 1,750,000
Hey, that's pretty good.
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but speaking for the majority of people you don't even know is stupid and ignorant.

Except it's not at all lol, while the whole 95% thing was somewhat of a joke, it's almost the 100% truth, if not absolutely true. It's reported that Overwatch has 35 million players world wide, god knows if that's unique players tracked by IP, or simply units sold, and somehow I doubt that it's unique players per month, regardless of what the hell it is though, not even 1% of that 35mill are watching the Overwatch e-sports, so you tell me how exactly this is stupid and ignorant.

by your logic CSGO, an atleast top3 healthiest esport today, only 2% of it's players are interested in esports because their most watched tournament averaged 840k viewers, and they have 38mill players...

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At this point I can only laugh at how hard Blizzard is trying with their little team logos, designing a color scheme for each character for each team, and charging 5 dollars for them, because Blizzard wasn't making enough money as it is.

^the $5 goes to the teams not blizzard. As for the rest of your post, players do care. I havent watched a single OW pro game live but I am very excited for OWL. Not all players hang around for the loot boxes and events. There are many players who are very interested about the overwatch league and competitive overwatch as a whole. This is also the first time weve had OWL league promotion on the main menu while weve had... what? 9 events so far? Just because you dont like OWL doesnt mean others dont.

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