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Use dva's defence matrix to shield rip tyres!
12/20/2017 04:26 AMPosted by Sol
A Junkrat tip:

Torbs turret focuses on the first enemy he sees, as long as this target doesn't leave its FOV.

This includes enemy objects, for example a JR trap, which lasts 1,5 seconds against a lvl 2 turret. Use this time well.

You can also use the Rat's trap to scope out Symmetra turrets. If you're going through a choke point with an enemy Symm around, toss that trap just the other side of it. That way, you can toss mines in and kill the turrets if you time it right.

Symm's gun will also lock on to a trap if it's closer to her than you are when she starts firing.
As Junkrat, remember your mine isn't just for damage or jumping to higher places, it's a displacement for you and enemies. Use it to knock yourself back behind cover, knock away a charging Reinhardt or ulting Reaper, or an enemy out of cover.

If you're able to quickly get cover mid-fight, whether due to getting behind an ally's barrier, blasting yourself out of sight on highground or in a room, your ultimate isn't as risky to use then as it might seem. The closer you are to your enemy, the more deadly his ultimate is, and if anyone tries to immediately chase you for the kill, you can detonate for a pic(presumably on a flanker), and even if they don't chase there's very little time to destroy it before it takes out multiple people. Even temporary cover, like an enemy Mei Icewall, or behind the payload will work, so long as you can get about a second of time out of sight.

Play around your trap mid-fight. Don't just leave it at some doorway randomly if an important fight is happening, drop it in an awkward position to force enemies to destroy it or risk falling victim to it. Move around it and keep in mind where it is, so that it is always either under you, or between you and the enemy, and if the fight draws on don't be afraid to relocate it as needed. Good mine usage can knock people into it, and worst case scenario if you die, your death bombs are likely to cover where it is.

If you must spam, don't aim in the same spot each time, spread your shots to make them harder to predict, and if you can use walls and corners to bounce off of, make use of them too. Have a plan to get closer, get high ground, and have access to cover, because your biggest counters are mid-long ranged heroes that can headshot you easily, while also avoiding your slower projectiles fairly easily. Always be moving and looking for better vantage points, the higher and closer, the better.
Sombra - Hack has a delatch beam similar to Symmetra's

Orisa - You can place your shield diagonally in a doorway to protect your flank as well as the doorway. (u can also block 2 doors with 1 shield)

Mei - You can 90% freeze somebody, headshot, then tap with left click to instantly freeze and get another free headshot.
Team mates prefer to stand in front of your Rein shield. Best to charge ahead of them, then deploy. ;P

Using/holding Jump near the end of GA is lots of fun, and useful for mobility.
Torbjorn's right eyebrow twitches from time to time.
As Tracer blink through someone. Wait like...less than half a second for them to mostly turn around. Then blink back and you'll be behind them again. It confuses them and you don't have to turn around at all while they do. It's usually faster than blinking through and turning and your aim will be better.
Torb's gun is really strong. Use it.
Your team and the enemy hates you no matter what you do when playing torbjorn (This is a joke don't be butthurt)

Get more height from your mine jump if you jump right before you detonate your mine. This can make reaching high ground easier.

Gotta defend a point and enemy team doesn't have a lot of healing? Leave a trap over a popular health pack spawn.

RIP Tire use, don't give the enemy time to see it coming. Learn to flank with the RIP Tire (like climbing walls) or drop it from a height so they don't have an oppurtunity to shoot it down.
If youre being hunted by symmetra or moira deploy your traps and mines as those beams will lock on to those and use that opportunity to counter attack
with winston

1. if you're fighting high health heroes or heroes with armor left click while spamming melee is a good option as you save ammo and do more damage against armored foes.

2. when you're about to land as winston, melee right before you hit the ground as the hitbox will go out but the animation will be cancelled and you will be allowed to shoot. this is a free 30 damage on the enemy ontop of the 50 landing damage you should melt them quickly.

with rein

1. you can ult through payload although most rein mains know this

2. when a dva is ulting and your sheild is low, dont hold it up before the mech explodes as she will try to burst it. instead wait right before its about to explode and then bring it up to protect yourself and your team

3. when charging always try to know where youre going to end up at the end of the charge. only charge when you can confirm the kill and youre in a position where your team wont be !@#$ed.

4. in a rein vs rein battle, if you have ult there is a good chance the other one does too. dont firestrike as the enemy rein will be waiting for that.
try to bait it out by lowering your shield and bring it right back up or by telling your team to focus barrier
When you throw junkra trap above mei in iceblock, trap go inside block and she will be trapped.
You can jump into the enemy backlines on Eichenwalde attack with Junkrat

just run up the stairs on the right of the archway, and double concussion over the buildings
As Symmetra, choke points aren't the only place you should put your sentries. You can secure some really cheeky kills by placing them around health packs likely to be used by the enemy team. If they're heading for a health pack, there's a chance they're hurt enough to die to a sentry or two before they get to it.
After picking Hanzo, press H again to fix it by selecting another hero...

/sarcasm off
Torb- Place Torb's turret on a health pack, this will heal it when the turret takes damage, giving the turret a free health boost!

Mercy- When you are getting harassed by a flanker, pull out your pistol and shoot back a few times...usually if they know you're willing to fight back...they will back off and not mess with you again.

Symmetra- Deploy her shield as you are running towards an enemy while releasing a few orbs right before your beam starts to latch...this will give you some protection plus extra damage against your enemy and giving you a swift victory.
Lucio actually likes some of the music Reinhardt listens to.
For Mercy, shoot at Torbjorn turrets/Bastion/basically anything that doesn't move whenever your team is at good health. Her pistol is pretty great at taking stuff like that out.

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