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Here's a radical idea:

Why doesn't every OvW character have a secondary ult? Once ult's up, have the option to choose which one to use for whatever current situation?

Symettra has two, and her options are based on the circumstances i.e. "are we still holding point A and we're down two players? Teleporter it is. Are we holding off point B? Shields it will be."

Imagine ALL heros had that option?

I understand the implications of what such a drastic change would do to the game, and the massive undertaking the developers would need to go through (making secondary ults for every character, animating them etc) but it would give players the additional layer of decision-making that a Symettra player currently enjoys (albeit one that's hardly experienced if you don't play her.)

Because it would be clunky for most heros.

it would only work for a handful of characters that have toggle like ultis.

So for example Mc Cree could dead eye giving him the duration to ether shoot or press Q again for some other ability.

Widow could possibly go infrared into say lock on that gives her bonus damage to one hero only.

Orisa could be interesting if she hits Q again it toggles from heal beams to damage and or beat of the drums move speed or fortify.

It wont work for people like say tracer whom after hitting Q would of instantly throw a bomb at her feet.
Just off the top my head you could have:

Torb - Molten Core or Armor Generator
Mei - Blizzard or Flurry
Orisa - Supercharger or Team Fortify
Zen - Transcendence or Discord all in LoS
Mercy - Valkyrie (without rez and shorter) or Team Rez
I dont know about Torb or Mei

their ulits (for the most part) require good timing which two sets of menu prompts would make clunky.

Orisas could be down and functional so that works
Zen would be seriously awesome if it did that
Mercy...... aint touching that one.

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