This Game is Becoming Boring and Annoying

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I honestly can't play this game on my own anymore, it's just not fun.
In fact, it's worse then not fun, it's stressing and annoying.

Quick play is always full of retarded and unplayable comps.
4/5/6 dps, widow + hanzo
I can't have fun playing tank or healer with teammates that don't [removed]
The games are just a mess and stupid.

Competitive, on the account i usually play which is Low Masters, one trick dps players that don't even talk with the team are everywhere too once again.
But now it's worse because I actually even get penalyzed for losing games where I can't do nothing about the one trick hanzo THAT I GET EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY EVEN THO I REPORTED THE GUY MANY TIMES.

Clarification: before you make a stupid comment saying you shouldn't report people for playing hanzo, that's not the problem my friend. These people don't change off even when they are being a dead weight, they ruin games for other 5 players constantly, actually 11 but I don't think the enemy team gets sad for an ez win, plus, they don't even communicate.

There's at least 4 selfish and stupid players I get often even tho I blocked them and reported them, that is a really good system 10/10, if I have an horrible experience playing with a certain person, keep putting that guy on my team everyday blizz!

Honestly, I wouldn't even complain about quick play if competitive was a decent mode, but it's not, it's the same thing but more toxic and slightly better in terms of comps.

Yesterday I had a game on oasis, this guy was a one trick dva, and someone else took dva. Then he starts flaming everyone in voice chat even tho we were winning the game. Things like this are just mind blowing.

Also, talking about one-tricks, I love when I see that a player is not playing really well in masters, there was a tracer player for example, and then I go check he's profile, and he climbed from like gold to Masters one tricking roadhog. That's actually hilarious. Same cases for Mercy, Moira.

Here's the bottom line:
A Competitive player should be Flexible, talk with the team and have a good attitude.
The players that don't behave in such a way shouldn't be allowed to play the mode.

If the only things you see in this game or the things you no longer like then clearly you've grown bored and tired of the experience and need to move on. It's unreasonable to believe that every video game you played will permanently capture your interest. I expect from your profile you got quite the experience of this game the amount of investment you put into it and you shouldn't feel angry you should just feel like you're done.
So.... find some friends or stop playing then? If you treat it as a chore it's not fun anymore
We all have our opinions man, if you don't find the game fun anymore, than no one is going to stop you. I hope you find a more fun game to be interested in! :)
I hop off TF2 from time to time and play overwatch some spare days (sometimes not months, because it is not a PvE mode or some thing alluring

Im often playing other games mostly top down arcady games.
Overwatch is lame. It's a shame really, but the team in charge of it did a very poor job managing it after release. They lost sight of the real goal and their vision of what they wanted became unclear.

All characters released have been laughable besides Ana who happened to be the first one. Which indicates they have no clue how to make characters.

All maps released have been laughable which indicates they have no clue what they're doing in the map making department.

The patches balance changes don't get me started on that one! The events that generate money is where all their attention is. OWL is where all their attention is. The game could have been so much more, but ultimately it came down to cash and the sellouts Blizzard has become.


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