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12/26/2017 05:50 PMPosted by TheAb
I think Junkrat is fine, other than his trap. Seriously, 80 damage, really hard to spot, and if you're in it you're dead 90% of the time. They should make it do less damage or make it more visible.
It's a black hole too. You don't even have to touch it and it'll suck you in.
I think Moira shouldn't get nerfed. In my opinion she should get deleted from the game straight up. I say this jokingly of course but as a Genji main it is a bit of a blow to release a healer that hard counters Genji considering we already had to deal with Winston hehe. All jokes aside, I do think she is slightly too good, keep in mind I play in master. If it were up to me, make her cooldown of her shift ability (sorry, I dont know the name) from 6s to 8s and reduce the range of her Right click from 21 m (Please do correct me if im wrong) to 18 m. I think its a little off that she can kill a 200hp hero with her orb right click combo in 1.6 seconds all while healing and having a great escaping ability to rely on if the things get hairy. Another change would be that she just doesent heal herself with the right click ability. Just my opinion.
12/26/2017 01:17 PMPosted by Dj0nt
moira is the best heroe they released since ana.

Thx blizz for a heroe that actually fits overwatch frenetic rithm.

You just need to learn to counter moira, I will give u a hint.

Kill her when she waste Shift button.


Uh oh what if she doesent waste it? Does that mean she is invincible? She gets it in 6 mere seconds anyways. Its better than genji's dash by far, same distance, invisible while doing it, invincible while doing it and lower cooldown. I'm sorry but that is a bit strange in my eyes.
Mercy needs a thicc nerf, she is way too OP. Mercy needs a nerf to everything in valk... she is still picked because of rez which is an ability now... should be back to an ultimate

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