Just make Valk her "E" ability...

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And adjust it to be fair, make it last only like 4 seconds and give her back her old Ultimate, seriously the constant complain about Mercy since release is the lack of self defence and independence unlike the other supports. We were all waiting for her E ability to come one day and what we get is her ult moved to an ability.

This is why Mercy players hide and rez, because we all damn knew we had no way of surviving the team fight. This is why we wanted an E ability and because we waited for so long we resorted into hiding to get the most value out of her kit.

Her old ultimate had no issues, people started complaining about it when a popular streamer (who's name I can't mention here) got salty because a Mercy out played them, even though all you had to do is save one more ultimate to get rid of the team when they do the group rez.

Now what do we get for Mercy? 4 nerfs in a row because the team doesn't know whay to do with her by the looks of it, I was actually one of the guys ho saw Mercy ridiculous and powerful potential when the rework came to light.

My honest suggestion Blizzard? Just bring her resurrect back and make Valkyrie her "E" on a weaker state. And the maybe everyone can be happy, the community is happy they got their old ult back, you (Blizzard) is happy you get to keep Valkyrie and the assets made for it and the support role can maybe perhaps shine how it is supposed too.

Sorry for my crude language but I am just frustrated that we keep spinning in circles over this dumb matter with Mercy. I hope you guys collect this info on the matter and helps the team, sincerely ~a fan of the game.
Or make it like 10 seconds, but give a longer cooldown.
Kinda like Lucio's "amp it up."
At this point I would completely trade Valk for old Mercy. I will forget it ever happened Blizzard, we can just pretend it never happened
yay, even more survivability. I know this is probably satire but if you're serious you should go and never post again.
ever since the second nerf i stopped playing mercy after 150 hours. i just can't believe how a that i enjoyed playing so much i never want to play as, I just want old mercy that's all i want thats what all mercy players want but nooo blizzardd doesn't giive a !@#$ about us mercy players.

anyways i like this idea!!
01/04/2018 05:36 PMPosted by Terranguard
yay, even more survivability. I know this is probably satire but if you're serious you should go and never post again.
What part of adjust Valkyrie to be her "E" didn't you understand? I am not gonna talk numbers since that's on Blizzard's part.

Maybe I am not the one who should never post again.

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