Mercy needs to be more fun

PTR Feedback
I know "thats the point" right? Obviously. But i'm talking about specifically what they did here on ptr. Valkyrie was supposed to be a "more fun" ultimate than mass rez. And IMO it WAS. But it was OP.

Now they nerfed it, and it is MUCH more fair. But it's not nearly as fun as it is on live. Flying is slower, rezzing feels sluggish, and you don't even get to fly for as long anymore.

They need to give her some aspect that makes her more fun, because although this nerf works balancewise, it makes Mercy feel extremely sluggish and unimpactful during Valyrie.

At leat thats my take on it, i played about 10 ptr games with her. Couldnt take anymore because shes not very fun, and also PTR lag
Giving her cast time made the rezs harder to pull off, but satisfying. It also strengthened the desire to play as a team, protect her while doing it etc... So in my book, that was a welcome change.

But now they take away her speed during her ult, they take away the instant rez, they give her cast time during an ult that is now even 5 seconds shorter. Sluggish is the right word for it, OP. GAing with Mercy is one of the most fun aspects of playing her. Next thing will probably be a nerf to her GA range during ult.

I'm actually pissed about this. I WANT all healers to be valuable. I don't want any of them getting crippled like Ana was.

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