does torb need a rework

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I feel torbs turret is too op it has a 50 meter range and 10 damage a shot. I think it needs a rework so here’s how I think it should be reworked. 1 when torb dies his turret should deactivate or die as well. 2 it has a decrease range 30-40m and rather has decreased damage 7dps or doesn’t always hit its target like it misses 20-30% of the time because I feel like it’s an aimbot. This is just my thought about what I feel should be done to torb
Torb is already under performing as is. Why would you nerf him?
Best buff would be the Mercy Treatment.

Hammer the turret also reloads Torb's gun.
You should play a hero before calling for nerfs. Your 6 minutes on torb is not enough time to have an informed opinion.

Torb is very situational as it is, making him worse is not an option.

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