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Think of a second ult for your mains. Me first:

Zenyatta gains 30% damage reduction and enters a state where focusses on the enemy. All enemies that are in his LoS or enter it gain a discord orb. Zenyattas entire team gain the bonus of seeing the orbs through walls just like he can. He however can not attack or heal and is vulnerable during it.

Smoke Blossom
Smashes his hand on the ground and releases smoke on the ground almost covering an entire point. He gains infra sights on enemies in the smoke and 15% increased movement speed. Only he receives wall hacks and the movement buff but not his allies.
A zoning/defensive ult like Mei's that causes the enemy team to dance uncontrollably.
Rein charges with his shield up, pinning everyone it touches.
Sounds op as hell when I think about it now.
Widow: Spider-Mech
Gets a mech for 10s that shoots lasers that do 120dmg

Pure evil
Mercy: Resurrect
After .75-1 second(s), revive all teammates within range. Grants Mercy a 75% damage reduction.
Mei - Build a Snowman, summons a rampaging snowman that chases enemies, hitting them melee attacks for 50 damage a swing and adding stacks toward being frozen. The snowman lasts 10 seconds, all kills and assists during that time extend the duration by 2 seconds, up to a maximum of 20 seconds total duration.
Soldier: super soldier
Increases movement speed by double and increases melee by double
Overcharge - Zarya bubbles all teammates on her team and can generate more than 100 energy from the ultimate bubbles but extra energy depletes twice as fast
Tracer: Frisbee Bomb
Throw a Pulse Bomb like the one in the "Alive" trailer that instead of sticking to surfaces/players, travels until it explodes on impact with a surface/player. It's damage can be the same as a regular Pulse Bomb, it just has a different application. Self-Damage remains, so just throwing it at the ground while point blank would instantly kill you.
Naptime- ana's sleep dart cooldown is reduced to 2 seconds for the next 16 seconds :)))
Ana: Viral Shot
The opposite of Nano-Boost. Inflicts an opponent with the following effects:
- 50% more damage received
- 50% less damage output

Holiday Cheers,
- PyroPanda
Orisa: "Trample"

Orisa charges forward, gaining 75 % Damage reduction during the charge, as well as 100 % additional move speed. Enemies hit are knocked to the side, receive a small amount of damage and are stunned for two seconds. You can cancel the charge at any time or it will automatically be canceled once you hit a wall; once you cancel it, Orisa stomps the ground one more time, knocking up and stunning enemies for two seconds in a medium radius.
Zen: OP's idea, it's genius
Torb: Armor Generator - Same idea as Sym's SG, but teammates have to be in small radius of AG (maybe Biotic Field size), also 75hp in size, same as standard pack, teammates can't refill if they even have 1hp of AG armor left, with 5 second CD per person. AG and Armor packs can stack (pack goes first, then AG), AG itself has 50hp, unhealable, and ult charge post use follows same rule as SG/TP
Sombra - Short circuit - Sombra "hacks" the game so a clone of her appears for 10 seconds. The clone neither takes nor recieves damage, but fires blanks at the closest enemy in LoS, impact markers still appear on enemy screens, and if on point the fake is counted as being there
Dva: Call mech (hear me out)
Dva calls a second mech that fights on autopilot for 12 seconds or until destroyed.
Roadhog: Belly Flop - Roadhog jumps belly first onto the ground and creates an AoE Earthshatter effect.
Junkrat's "Hey... What's this do?"

Instantly explodes every bomb JR has on him. Does tire damage and radius centered on him. Also kills the 'Rat in the process. :)

The Widow's Kiss

Once activated, widowmaker's scoped gun increases 25% in both damage and charge rate.

Edit- widow isn't my main, but popped into my head so i put it here
Dva - Hot Missiles

''Infinity E'' for 5 sec ( 25 dmg per Missile )
  • Torbjorn
  • Berserker - Torbjorn enters a into a bloodlust, becoming unstunnable and unsleepable, can't stop moving foward, can only use his hammer, strike twice as fast as in molten core, each hit doubles the damage of the next one, loses damage if attacks another hero or misses, damage cleaves in an area, turret doesn't get affected in any way, get's a new kind of shield, protects like armor, goes down like lucios ult barrier, 1000 of this new armor, depletes in 8 seconds, whole ult lasts for 10.
    AoE circle expands by 50%. Heals or speed boosts for 10 seconds (depending on which is currently selected), AND increases damage output of allies in the circle.

    Basically what he has now, but a purple discord aura around him that damages enemies he gets near.

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