Why No Interest in OWL?

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I’m not a fan of OWL.

I’ve watched a few games and as others have said, the mirror matches and “meta” is boring and highlights the fact that certain Heroes are not balanced.

Blizzard’s efforts to force it down the throats of every player for months (at the detriment of the actual game) is also off putting. Why did it take 4 months to “fix” Mercy? Because they were pushing OWL so hard instead of pushing their team to fix their game.

The push on OWL instead of the game also increased the amount of toxicity in the game and helped foster the “meta only” environment we see today.

As a final note, the “professional” players (and even the commentators) are quite toxic and unprofessional which just helps the cycle of toxicity instead of Blizzard stepping in to protect their brand.

I don’t foresee this being solved anytime soon since automated reporting and the disconnect between GM and the dev statements are not addressed.
Honestly it just doesn't interest me, same with comp. Pro stuff just isn't something I care about.

It's perfectly fine if others like it but that has never been my thing in any game I've played. I'll take the skins tho since the gold/black ones look quite nice.
I only watch Outlaws play. And thats only some of the time.

If every hero was professionally viable, then it would be quite interesting.
It's being jammed down our throat.
02/15/2018 09:02 AMPosted by LASERPEWPEW
It's being jammed down our throat.

That is the other HUGE thing
I mean, I'm enjoying it.
i can only agree with what everybody else already mentioned here.

one more reason why i dont watch owl personally is the overly attachment to the dps heroes...
i do not want to watch how pro's get "insane kills" over and over again.
i want to see the support and tank perspective A LOT more often.
i want to see the positioning and how the pro-supports handle getting dive'd or stuff like that.

but OWL shows the dps point of view in 95% of the times when somebody gets killed.

maybe thats just me, but that is the major reason i dont like OWL...
01/09/2018 04:48 PMPosted by DaftMauS
I made a post about this in the Cafe thread so I'll just post it here as well:

01/09/2018 10:55 AMPosted by DaftMauS
Coffee's on me this time.

I wish the devs had taken the natural approach to esports that all other esport titles have taken. This isn't a game that was designed, played, and then became an esport. It's clear that they had esports in mind beforehand and worked towards making them happen.
The International is successful because the fans want to see it happen, and they are the ones that significantly provide the prize money (myself included). When you push a game as an esport rather than as a game and let it evolve into an esport, you miss the mark and alienate the more casual players I feel.

They've always believed that throwing money at the eSports "scene" and providing the appearance of a large "scene" is the way to go. They did that with Starcraft 2 and it appeared successful for the first couple of years, but was ultimately a bust, when people got tired of the over-saturation of content (2~4 hours of matches every weeknight), the monotonous matchups and saw through the facade of high-value productions.

What you need for a thriving eSports scene is an overwhelming thirst by the fanbase to sit down and watch pros play a game they love. This is what's currently happening to PUBG in Asia. People are glued to the screens watching PUBG tournaments and content (I know, it sounds silly), and the companies behind the game are scrambling to feed that player need, by advertising the competitive community and catering to the fans.

Overwatch eSports was NEVER anywhere NEAR asked for by the overall playerbase.

There were certainly passionate eSports/competitive OW fans/players who wanted it from the start, but they are a minority subset (as evidenced by the size of r/cow compared to r/ow, even today; as well, the fact that there needed to be a separate reddit sub for the competitive side of OW to begin with, points to the fact that the majority of OW players don't care about the competitive side).

They are now (compared to at launch) a much bigger subset of the OW base, due to the prominence of OWL, but they are still just a sub-section of the overall base, not representative of the average OW player.
Not in the slightest. Has 0 authenticity. Everything is artificial bling bling. Stale meta does not help.
01/09/2018 05:26 PMPosted by HarryDresden
it's going to become extremely repetitive if they keep up the slow as !@#$ balance updates.

This is true -- I still find OWL entertaining to watch, though.
02/15/2018 10:14 AMPosted by Cekay
i want to see the support and tank perspective A LOT more often.

PREACH. I feel like OWL is sort of ruining Overwatch because even on console I see people trying to trick shot as Widowmaker on attack in matches because it's glamorized by OWL. How about showing us how clutch tanks and supports can be? They get no love. It's all about the DPS.
01/09/2018 04:38 PMPosted by ImInBronze
I'm genuinely interested. Do people not even care? or did they try waching pro gameplay and find it boring?...
I wasn't interested at first, but when i started watching tourneys with envyus etc i got hooked! idk the casters make it so intense it's insane you guys are actually missing out.

So, why no interest? Pls don't just dislike this im just curious

Because I play videogames to play videogames.

I suppose its just a generational thing, but I seriously couldn't be more bored watching someone else play a game.

Sure, I used to watch walkthroughs and speedruns on youtube before every content creator thought they were a celebrity, but those people had TALENT. Not the "Lets fail at this" or "lets try to do this", these were people who played the game and knew how it worked like a fine tuned instrument. Also, this was for games with stories and not simply multiplayer matches.

Also, I have a hate bone with these pro streamers and pro players, I think that in general their influence works to the detriment of the general population of the playerbase.
A large portion of it is due to the fact that they did indeed, shove it down our throats, continuously try to entice people into watching/participating rather then letting it happen naturally. Like someone above said, I don't think I would feel so alienated by the devs then, since I don't particularly care for eSports.

Also its just ??? the same people, fighting the same teams, using the same heroes, on the same maps. Like I am probably in the minority here but there are only so many times I can see a genji do a wombo-combo with a Zarya, or a Tracer throw a sticky grenade before I feel like I'm in Groundhog Day.

Also as a support main, it is SO rare to actually see them spectating the support players, showing their plays, or even talking positively about them beyond an Ana's sleep dart.

:/ idk.

I'm just super meh about OWL as a whole.

Edit: The OW things I do watch usually are people just goofing off with friends in game, or doing ridiculous strats that obviously aren't gonna work but end up being hilarious to see. Just, people having fun and enjoying themselves.
I was initially interested, but that attention to OWL is waning now. It's gotten a bit repetitive and is only really worth watching when one of the pros makes a sick play. My interest is mildly renewed because of the roster changes for stage two and the hero changes, but I expect it'll be the same stuff once the new meta settles.

I'd have a stronger interest if I could opt in to a specific camera. The only time I start consistently paying attention is when the camera is following a support or tank, which isn't often.
Also, I'm from Detroit. I would rather get castrated than root for New York or LA.

I enjoy but I don't generally watch live. I watch the teams I like watching live sometimes but that is it. For the other stuff I just go for the highlights which is exactly what I do for the MLB btw.

Mercy nerf is going to make for some major changes OWL. Some of the other balance changes coming are also going to make a difference as well. Less mirror comps those teams are forced into.

For those that can't follow what is going on you should probably watch more because it can help your own gameplay.
02/15/2018 10:40 AMPosted by Dancewknives
Also, I'm from Detroit. I would rather get castrated than root for New York or LA.


Same here. Would love a Detroit team. Why California gets three teams is beyond me. Could have had one California team, and then a Detroit and Chicago team. Give the Midwest some love.
02/15/2018 10:44 AMPosted by OrdealByFire
02/15/2018 10:40 AMPosted by Dancewknives
Also, I'm from Detroit. I would rather get castrated than root for New York or LA.


Same here. Would love a Detroit team. Why California gets three teams is beyond me. Could have had one California team, and then a Detroit and Chicago team. Give the Midwest some love.

It would make more sense if it was East Coast, MidWest, Mountain, West Coast, and maybe a Southern region for the team.

seriously now, its all because of population. It's not like it matters really, almost all of them are from Asia anyway. (and yes, this is coming from someone who's MLB team gets its stars from Venezuela)
every game is the same, why would i watch it?

on the top of that, its genji and tracerwatch in game, why would i watch it?
Watching someone partake in an interactive experience some what defeats the purpose of that interactive experience. The fact that you have agency, that you learn through that interactivity, is what makes a game fun. Watching someone else do it is no better than watching a movie, only with a far worse plotline and writing.

The few things of it I do end up watching I'm watching because the people making it have good commentary, and are generally talking about something else entirely. There's little point in experiencing an interactive experience second hand as entertainment.

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