What graphics card, settings and FPS do you get?

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Gtx 960, 75-110fps on a 75hz monitor, all settings on low except textures and filtering, 100 render scale. I'm probably cpu limited though, amd phenom II 965 at 3.7 ghz.
Gtx 750 ti, epic, 60-80 fps.
GTX 1070 at Ultra gets me 85-110 frames on my 144Hz monitor typically. I imagine if I had my graphical settings lower I'd be around 120-135 fps
980Ti - 128-167 FPS on ultra @ 1080P 15-18ms ping

Capped at 120FPS normally on G-Sync

Radeon HD 8570M
20-40 fps with custom settings
GTX Titan X, 32GB Ram, i7-8700k, 144hz monitor, 15ms ping, 300fps Ultra/High Combo (PC)

For peripherals:
-Hyper X Cloud II
-Some MMO mouse I've used for 4 years
-Razer Mousepad

But on my laptop I have a 660M which runs at 20fps on low. I don't know why its running that !@#$ compared to you.
Ryzen 5 1600
8 gigglebits of ram
GTX 1060 3GB
Mouse pad with a picture of a cat on it

Running on ultra at 60 FPS but I have my fps limited to display based so I'm "locked" at 60 FPS, I probably go over 60 most of the time if I turned that setting off
Gtx 1060 6gb, around 120-130fps walking around the map, and 90-120 in action. High-ultra settings, I use a limiter tho, because my monitor is 60hz.
GTX 550: 120-170FPS on superlow FullHD settings

GTX 970: 300+ on lowest, stable 140 on Medium/High, 100% renderscale, FullHD
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12/21/2017 11:31 PMPosted by Poe
GeForce GTX 1070, everything on Ultra, monitor caps at 60. I once removed the FPS limit and stats showed 260-300 FPS, but I turned the limiter back on before long. I can't even see 60 frames, what am I supposed to do with another couple hundred? Lol

Dont believe this fella, he wants you to be sad :P

A 1070 will pull 90 fps won ultra

Trust me it won't pull just 90 but exceedingly more than that.

On lowest setting, my 980Ti pulls this: https://i.imgur.com/8yHDmpd.png

A 980Ti is only about 5% slower than a 1070

Basically Poe removed his FPS limit while on lowest setting which is why he hit that 260+ FPS number.
GTX 980 Ti, 300fps High (PC)

But on my laptop I have a 660M which runs at 20fps on medium. I don't know why its running that !@#$ compared to you.

Laptop versions of cards are usually not nearly as powerful as the PC version of the same card

1080 TI with a Ryzen 1700. I run everything on Ultra at 1440p/144hz monitor. I have the fps capped at 150 for stable fps past my monitor limit but I typically get about 170-180 fps uncapped. I haven't really pushed my system cuz heat and no real reliable ac cooler in the room. So this is kinda just stock for both..
GTX 1070, custom setting (turned off all effects that add input lag), monitor FPS limiter on, 144htz monitor: Get constant 153fps.

I used to get less frames on the same card running an older processor but I upgraded to a Rizen 7 and got a very nice FPS boost as I obviously removed a bottleneck.

If I turn off the FPS limit I get around 200-250. I keep the limiter on to keep frames consistant so changes in frame rate don't mess up my aim.

If for some reason the frames drop below 140fps due to an issue with Windows everything looks super choppy and it's very distracting. I've been trained as an animator though so i think my eyes are trained to see frames more then the average person.
UserBenchmarks: Game 141%, Desk 150%, Work 137%
CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K - 115.1%
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti - 167.1%
SSD: Samsung 960 Evo NVMe PCIe M.2 1TB - 298.5%
RAM: Team Group Inc. TEAMGROUP-UD4-3200 2x8GB - 100.9%

300 fps stable on a mix of low/ultra

However Oasis seems to be poorly optimized with frequent frame drops.
GTX 1060 6GB. 144Hz monitor (critically important). Mostly medium video settings.

130-160 fps pretty consistently.
GTX 1070, about 100 FPS on Ultra but with the "pro" settings I get about 220 with a 144 hz monitor...........OW is mostly processor based btw not vid card.
Gtx 1080 fps 240 capped with occasion drops to 200
Why was what I said down voted? Seriously, these forums can get stuffed, I said what I get and also what I was told on here before.
GTX 750ti

I run high settings

60 to 80 fps
3440x1440 @ 100Hz

91% render scale, all settings on max, (I think antialiasing is high) never goes from 99 FPS
GTX 1080 Ti Strix OC to 2GHz
i5 8600k at 4.7 GHz (I can go to 5.1 GHz, but it gets too loud so I leave it at 4.7)
Ballistix sport 16GB RAM OCD to 2500 MHz
But if I go to 100% render scale I start to lag, only 60-70 FPS

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