What did Santa Jeff give you in the 5 lootboxes?

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Young Genji and a bunch of sprays, voicelines, player icons :(
Sombra Rhime skin
money to buy Mei's snowman emote.
that's it, but I'm quite happy! now I have a new best friend. I'll call him snowy, because I'm creative like that.

oh and also a Sombra skin.
Sprays, voice lines,, and icons.
Junkrat event skin + 500 coins (same lootbox)
Genji,S76,Reinhardt toast poses
roadhog recolour
200 credits(only 85 away from having 3k now)
2 icons

Rest was filler.
All commons and uncommons
Walrushog was the only thing I got out of the 5 free ones. Other than that, blues, grays, and epics of gold, voice lines, etc.
Zenyatta: Snowflake, Toast

Zarya: Deadlift (not even a holiday theme)

Tracer: Ho Ho Ho

Genji: Count Your Blessings

D.Va: Awww, You Shouldn't Have

Hanzo: Cold As Ice

So Basically, like my last 10 lootboxes, and the 4 before that; no event skins. Just billions of sprays and player icons I'll never use. In around 15 of 16 lootboxes, I've got ONE event skin this year. Everything else was voice lines, sprays, and icons.

Small wonder I stopped buying loot boxes.
Sprays and voice lines
I managed to get my first legendary in this event, Ana's owl skin (which I love!).
Loving the Christmas voicelines and sprays, I picked up a few of those.

Thank you Blizzard Team for an awesome year.

Wishing everyone a perfect holiday.
Merry Christmas
A lot of Sprays and voice lines...yay.
only noteworthy item i got was the junk skin
Duplicates :D
-Sprays. So. Many. Sprays.
-Hanzo + Widowmaker voice lines
-Mercy mistletoe victory pose
-Winston skin
Safari Winston, yeti winston, and beachrat
Jingle Tracer, Dva Christmas voicelines, Junkrat beach skin. And icons
28 Duplicates
2 currency 50
Got the Soldier skin, the only one I may have bought.

Scrooge macree...
Thats it
Everything else was duplicates.
Uh. A bunch of sprays and voice lines I care absolutely nothing about. Some victory poses I also care nothing about. A purple pile of coins that doesn't contribute much overall.

So basically: crap.

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