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I know tons of people have said this in the past, but you have a PTR for a reason, use it. In the history of Overwatch, 1, maybe 2, changes that have been on the PTR haven't made it to live, and 10s of bad balance changes made it to live no problem.
There are so many great community advice that is ignored, it would be better to put it on the PTR for a week, say "That didn't work" and try something else rather than driving people away from your game with bad balancing
Bumped, what's the point of having PTR when the changes almost always go live despite whether they're balanced/unbalanced, good/bad, or highly disliked by the community. PTR Feedback forum feels more like PTR Feedback Minus the Devs forum at this point. Nothing seems to change/be acknowledged when we post things here. Unless you're posting about bans/events/lore it seems you'll be lucky to get a reply every once in a blue moon. I'm sure they're busy but you can't just drop huge changes like this and then disappear off of the face of the earth.
I sincerely hope the Devs are paying attention. If they decide to go through with these changes despite what these forums are saying, closure would be much... appreciated. I'm currently a HUGE fan of Overwatch, but if my favorite hero is made completely un-fun in spite of the outcry AND without a proper reason(s) put forth? It would just make me lose trust in Blizzard when they have the potential to secure a long running fan. I would for sure lose a certain amount of interest in playing the game as well.
From what i remember one of things that did not make it was Zenyatta being able to orb of destruction through shield.

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