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Can someone explain why blizzard allow unranked players to team with ranked in comp? They claim to balance the games but how balanced can it really be when i get stuck on a team with 3 unranked players at low level (sub level 50).

It's not even like theyre smurfs either, as smurfs wouldnt play so badly. One of the three spent all 3 rounds emoting next t our spawn and just not getting involved at all. Am I the only one who thinks unranked players should only be able to play against other unrankeds until all placements are completed?
Because your rank is more based on MMR from all your hours in quick play and previous competitive play rather than your placements. Your rank is determined before you even play your first placement game. Sucks, right?
It tries to place unranked with other unranked but can't always find enough people in a timely manor. As I was doing my 10 placements they started off all unranked players but the closer I got to 10 the more ranked people I saw.

Just because they are unranked doesn't mean they are bad players. Also this is the last few hours of the season so you will see a huge dive of people just knocking out their 10 placement matches.
I mean typically it's based off MMR, or skill level, so if you're not at the 1000 gap, or you're the same MMR as unranked people.
Oh please.
I had this yesterday when I did my placements. "omg unranked noob", "get of that hero you casual!"

Funnily enough I ranked at 3185 (higher than anyone who was complaining at me) , up from 3004 last season.

Unranked players doesn't mean they are bad. Not everyone bothers to play comp, I do my placements in the last few days for the comp point bonus. I won't play comp again till end of S8.

Also it's based on MMR, the players you get matched with have a similar skill rating regardless.
People gotta start somewhere

at some point you were also a unranked pleb.

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