How did Genji needs healing originate?

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Did it started as a joke or something that later became a meme?

Fill me in please

I need information
I require information
When the game came out Genji players were reaaaaally bad, so they constantly spammed I need healing, usually being across the map, 1v6.
It started when Ana couldn't heal Genji while he was double jump around avoiding Ana shots and it frustrates Ana. And for Mercy is when Genji is all the way across the map spamming I Need Healing and that annoys Mercy, and blames Mercy or any other healer for not coming with him.
It started because Genji players are the worst and dive without their team and then spam “I need healing”when they inevitably can’t 1v6 the enemy team
Overextending Genji's dying behind enemy lines spamming the "I Need Healing" button while their supports are back with the team.

Also Genji's bouncing around doing sick flips and whatnot while a very tired, likely crying Ana just wishes he'd stay still for five seconds to get healing, please Genji, please stay still for grandma, just one moment Genji please...
because little buys were spamming the x key
Standard Genji:

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