Why does Sombra have to talk when leaving steath

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A good Sombra is nearly as good at the harassment game as Tracer and she has utility and a team fight dictating ult (if you are playing with decent players and communicating).

I don't mind her getting QoL changes, and yeah she needs buffs, but she is not an assassin. She is meant to infiltrate and harass
On Tracer, I get mad because a hanzo will hear you say, "that was a close one" after a recall, and he's in the room above you. Not even line of sight.
QoL change id also like to see is a number for her EMP like Lucio has for his Ult. So many times I think I should hit about 4 people and only like 2 actually get hit. It would be a nice change just to have that extra info.
Best fix, allow sombra to hack while cloaked.
Like Widow says, "Big mouth, big target."
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True. Reaper had the same issue for so long. REPOSITIONING! DEATH COMES!

Does he not say that anymore?
He does I think? But they changed it so he has to be like RIGHT behind you in order to hear him.
Blizzard has bad experiences with trying to balance stealth heroes and have become afraid of the stealth mechanic.

All in all, I agree that the voice line should go.

But I'd rather the delay to unstealth go and the voice line stay.

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