What if Symm's Shield Gen had 15 heals per second?

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Add that on top of the shields. Would that be OP? Would that Ultimate alone make her valuable on Offense? Just a random thought.
yes that would be overpowered because her shield gen shield itself regenerates as it is. Sym is typically played just for her ultimate and defense capabilities, there's no reason to buff her ult
It'd make her super valuable in general, and even more cancer
i dont think her ultimate is the biggest area of concern for Symmetra

but it IS a good idea
I think if the shields regenerated without having to wait 3 seconds, it would be way better. I think the reason people hate this with Mercy's valk is that she's impossible to hit when she's flying around. Having this limited to just 75 HP's on an ally seems reasonable to me. All it really does is give her shields a little more damage reduction, essentially.
I agree that the shield to constantly regenerate at 15 HP/s without a 3-second delay. It gives more meaning to her "shield" since it protects your teammates from 15 damage every second. It puzzles me why the shield will only heal after your teammate goes untouched for 3-seconds, it is supposed to help you in combat & would make her more relevant in dive metas
Its a good idea but the last thing she needs is more kit power tied to her ultimates. What really Symmetra needs is an active team-wide support ability something akin to a team-wide Zarya bubble or a mobility ability she can use to engage and disengage enemies more efficiently.
Yeah that would be kinda op.
Together with Lucio it would give 30hp/s healing. And you're already struggling killing Mercy with 20hp/s self healing.

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