What’s more important: aim or game sense?

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I’m curious what people think about this. I would argue game sense, because you could do a team kill all by yourself and it still won’t matter if you refuse to get on the payload or group up in general. However some of my friends have argued aim, because the most important thing is to kill the enemy first.

What do you think?
What the point in aim if you just die

But without aim you will be just useless as heroes that depends on it
game sense for sure. enemies will always be there to hit, but game sense will tell you when and where theyll be so you can hit them
Not every heroes require good aiming skills but you definitely need good game sense in order to play all heroes effectively.
So game sense >>> aim.
Aim and game sense are both important
Varies upon character. If you main DPS then obviously aim is more important and I don't really consider teamwork to be "gamesense". That's more like being more aware of your surroundings, match ups so you know when to switch off, hero knowledge, etc. Teamwork is more of it's own category with callouts and general communication, grouping up, willing to switch roles with others, and learning to push and hold a point. Overall gamesense is more important for all roles.
It could be argued both ways. I’m stronger in game sense - knowing how the game flows -when to expect those Ults - payload pushing - retreating at appropriate times.

I’m also learning how to play without a healer or tank.
Console Plat M/KBers say game sense.
They are both very important, but if I had to choose one I am leaning towards aim. In my experience, it seems a lot of people can carry themselves to diamond on good aim alone, and then they need to build better game sense. You can't really carry yourself to diamond or any rank for that matter if you have no mechanical ability whatsoever. It's definitely not impossible, especially if you play tank or support, but that puts a bigger reliance on your team which can make it more difficult to climb.
Game sense, as long as you have that you can survive long enough to just combo ult, which doesn't need good aim
Definitely varies by hero, also might be said to vary at different levels of proficiency with that hero.

Bonus observation, players with poor aim tend to know it. Players with poor game sense... not so much.
Game Sense + Junkrat. You can even tilt effect and make him ragequit his stream lol.
Both are equally important to reach the top. Being great at one will only take you so far
Gamesense. All the aim heavy heroes have relatively low mobility and require great positioning to not die all the time.
The amount of effort you'd put into good aiming can easily be overcome by someone with superior game sense. Even aimbots can only take you so far before it becomes grossly apparent you have no idea what you're doing and become a burden at a skill tier you don't belong.
They are both important. All the game sense in the world will not help you if you cannot actually cash in your advantage. And all the skill in the world won't matter if your enemy is not a potato and has a far stronger position.

They build on each other and one without the other is far less valuable than using both in tandem. You can think of game sense as a multiplier for your skill, if you like. The more gamesense you have the harder your opponent has to outskill you.
Depend on the hero, but mostly game sense is more useful
Game sense.

If you can aim but you're unaware of heroes constantly coming up to kill you then ???
Well youve got a wider variety of heroes you can play on just supreme game sense alone while not really any heroes to play on just supreme aim. To put it in a fight:
My ultra instinct winston will beat youre aimbot widowmaker.
Probably game sense. When I watch top 500 streamers their aim is clearly better than mine, but not a jaw dropping amount. I have often scratched my head wondering what they do that I don't, and I think it's just good positioning and game sense.

In my games a Tracer sneaks up behind me and tears me apart, in their games they know they haven't seen Tracer in a while so they are almost expecting her to appear and have an escape route already planned. Another example might be in the T500 game you hear someone say, "spread out they probably have grav". Me? I would not expect the grav at all and be dumbfounded when it happens just like every other time.

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