What animated shorts would you like to see in 2018?

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Personally, I'd love to see ones for D.va, Zenyatta, and Mercy.
Pharah and Symmetra and mercy
We need to see what happened between jack and gabriel to change gabriel idea about everything.

So an animated short about reaper motivations and maybe face reveal and more information about that family he was watching.

Interistingly enough, both Kaplan and Chu have stated clearly that they have much more to tell about Reaper's story and that we still don't know much about him, so a Reaper's animated short is very likely to happen in 2018.

This animated short could revolve either around Reaper's role in the world-wide war he indirectly started by freeing Doomfist from his shackles, or around his past as Gabriel Reyes, leader of Blackwatch. This is fascinating, because Kaplan revealed that Reyes did not turn on Morrison out of jealousy for his demotion: Reyes was actually glad to be demoted from Strike Commander of Overwatch to leader of Blackwatch, since he didn't like being a public figure (his military genius was needed to defeat the Omnics though) and preferred to work from the shadows (Blackwatch). So an animated short that would clear the precise reasons why Reyes turned against Overwatch, and would also lead to the famous clash with Morrison and the 'birth' of Reaper. Think of it as the prequel trilogy of Star Wars, but cooler.

As the poster above me mentioned, an animated short that tells the story of Reaper's motivations and research for his past humanity would be interesting and would tie into the comic 'Reflections', where Reaper was seen stalking a happy family around the time of Christmas; Reaper was seemingly sad and depressed.
Something non-hero origin/past stuff related.
Mercy,Pharah,Zen, Dva, basically people with barely any story or media.
Maybe a Ana one would be nice. Or Lucio. Just one of the healers basically.
Roadhog or Zen
D.va, Lucio, and Mercy. It'd be nice to see a story about either of them.
A short featuring Sym and Lucio like in Rio.
I want more shorts that actually advance the present day story, such as Recall and Infiltration. In fact, I think those are the only shorts that aren't just origin stories or other stories that took place in the past. Right now, there isn't much of a plot other than Overwatch is being recalled and Talon is planning to start a world war.
I'd like to see a Mercy short :) She's such an interesting character, I'd love to learn more about her past or her personality through an animated short (or a comic)!

Give me Mercy receiving Winstons recall message, struggling to decide if she'd join Overwatch again or does she actually dislike Overwatch's "methods" so much that she wouldn't even think about answering Winstons message.

I'd love to see a young, more naive and inexperienced Mercy as well, but the shorts take place in the present (as far as i know?) so that probably won't happen (;w;

I totally agree that Zen and D.Va are in need of a short as well!!
I'd be interested in seeing Pharah or Ana get one, there'd be potential for lore there too.
Other than that a Symmetra or Lucio one would be great
- Lucio overthrowing Vishkar and stealing the sonic amplifier (feat. Symmetra)

- Reyes taking down the Deadlock gang and recruiting McCree (Yes we've seen Reaper multiple times, but not as Reyes)

- Zenyatta teaching Gengu
I want to see progression in the core story. What does Winston do once Overwatch is recalled?

So far all we know is that he has dinner with Tracer and her gf.
Roadhog and Junkrat.
Doubt this will happen since they have had a few comics and whatnot.

I guess Zenny would be up next in my list.
Requests for animated shorts:
- Reaper's past, what his life was like before the omnic crisis and etc
- How Genji encountered Zenyatta
- Doomfist's past
- What Roadhog's life was like before the omnic crisis took place
- D.va
- Lúcio's life before the feud with Vishkar Corporation and how he stole the equipment that he's wearing atm
- Mercy
- Widowmaker's past
- Foundation of Overwatch
Some ideas:
- Lúcio’s backstory, and a battle with Symmetra and her Vishkar goons
- The “Venice Incident”
- TALON vs. Overwatch
- How Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes became enemies
- The destruction of Overwatch HQ
- Zarya vs. Sombra, but with a twist
- Mercy’s past
- Zenyatta’s travels
- Winston meets with the people who answered his Recall

I’d really love to see more story!

- PyroPanda
Some post-Recall ideas:

1. A D.Va short where Overwatch helps her defeat the colossal omnic once and for all, and she decides to defend the whole world along with her newfound friends with the blessing of the Korean government.

2. A Lucio/Symmetra short which shows Symmetra being indirectly manipulated by Talon (through Sanjay) and Lucio supporting Overwatch, leading to a confrontation between them.

3. Mercy being hesitant to answer Winston's call due to Overwatch's violent past, but present circumstances encourage her to take a more active role in protecting peace. Perhaps a hospital she's working at comes under attack and she's forced to defend her patients with her pistol, accepting that peace must sometimes be fought for.

(lol battle Mercy short)
12/27/2017 05:23 AMPosted by Reaper

Interistingly enough, both Kaplan and Chu have stated clearly that they have much more to tell about Reaper's story and that we still don't know much about him, so a Reaper's animated short is very likely to happen in 2018.

Reaper would be interesting. He's been in plenty of shorts and comics, but none of them have been about him. They've been about Doomfist, Sombra, Winston, those kids in the museum, Soldier and Ana. He's just been there to drive the story either as an antagonist (Winston/Museum/Soldier/Ana) or in a Supporting Role (Doomfist/Sombra).

For a character whose had as much screen/comic time as him, we know remarkably little about old Gabe. We don't even know why exactly he wants to hunt down Overwatch agents.

Personally I'd like to see a continuation of the Overwatch story. I want to see who else answers Winstons call (we know Reinhardt and Tracer have), and whether they get any new blood, like Pharah or even maybe heroes like Lucio or Dva.

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