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Is it not possible for the system to detect when someone has left your team, so when you lose the SR you've lost, it takes into consideration of the leaver?
... then you just group up with 6 and if youre losing, one of your mates just leaves...
means losses wont harm you anymore
Or instead of all getting terrible SR lost, just give him - 150 and rest other team - 10 (total - 200)
Instead of the -50 for the leaver and -30 for the others (total - 200)
I think leaving should have bigger punishments, would it be that hard to deduct just the leaver and anyone in the leavers group the same. That way if they are a solo que leaver then they are the only one punished, but it cant be abused by 6 stacking and having one guy leave to save the other friends.

If someone leave mid game, let AI plays that character. It's almost impossible to win as a 5v6.... It's like an instant loss. I know it's a team based game, but why should a whole team receive the punishment just because of individual action. However with AI, the unfortunate team at least gets assisted. This is what they do in Paladins and sometimes a very good team can win even there's a leaver.
Why is there not a solo-queue only competitive playlist to address this issue? You can't group up with other people, therefore you can't just leave to spare your teammates an SR loss. In a solo-queue only comp playlist, leavers would not have an effect on SR. Problem solved.
I love it when, after 5 losses in a row, 3 of which were from leavers and the next 2 were from bad MM because it was trying to adjust to the SR loss... I get a message saying I've been de-ranked because I'm not playing as well. What? I had 3 games where a team member lagged out or just left? And it's a team game... of course my "performance" is going to drop according to this stupid metric.
The thing i laugh at the most is the wannabe moralists saying :

"If you're good enough,you'll climb"
" you got to try harder"
" you aren't evolving as a player"
and BS related things.

When 4 out of 5 games i have
- Leavers
- Non-meta one tricks
- Trolls
- Throwers
- Toxic players that tilt the team with their trash talk

And i get punished by their behaviour like if it was my fault.
Had a game recently where a guy locked on hanzo and didnt do anything helpful with him. in the next round,my friend picked hanzo and he left the game in rage,costing us the game and subsequently the SR.

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