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What is your fav skin from the event? You can only pick one. Mine is the Sombra.
Hanzo (fixed)

Because the community made it happen (including me!)
There was at least one other thread about favorite skins from this winter, but it probably got buried.

Probably Ana's Snow Owl.
Junkrat skin and like his hairstyle too
Orisa's pupper.
Roadhog's is the only new one I particularly care for.
Snow Owl Ana best Ana.
I don't have one specific favorite skin although I do really like Ana's Snow Owl, Junkrat's & Roadhog's new skin, & Sombra's Rime.
Rime Sombra
That Boop
Sombra’s Rime skin. Definitely.

Course I think the best overall item was Orisa’s puppy emote. Too...cute...must...open...during...point...hold...
If I had to pick one it'd be Ana's Snow Owl skin. I'm a sucker for owls and seeing Ana with this skin looks so freakin' dope.
Don't know if this counts, but the Blizzcon bastion skin is my favourite.

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