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I really would like to know how people view Valk regardless of main role/hero they play to get a better feel for Valkyrie's perceived state in general. I also want something that feels a bit more comprehensive than "it's op" or "it's too long", while valid opinions they're dreadfully short and do little to nothing to explain why people feel that way. So, questions incoming:
If you play Mercy does Valkyrie make you feel powerful?
Do you get more usage out of the chain boosts/heals or her pistol?
Do you use Valk primarily to initiate, extend, or to try to reclaim a losing fight?
If not playing Mercy how does facing Valkyrie make you feel? Is it a solid reason for retreat, or just an extra nuisance?
Has the possibility of facing Valkyrie affected your hero picks?
Does having Valk on your side give you confidence approaching a team fight?
If Valkyrie frustrates you what do you find most frustrating about it?
If you could alter one thing about Valk what would you change and why?
Do you find Valkyrie to be more fun to play with/against than Mass Rez?

Of course these are just suggestions to get people talking. So please don't just pop in and write "it's op duh" as that helps no one. I genuinely don't care who you main, beyond trying to get feedback from all sorts of players, so if you could state your main or most played role somewhere that'd be extra helpful! (I'm on mobile and sometimes the profiles load all wonky and I can't see anything beyond the account name.)
Much thanks!
Mercy main here:

Valk is the biggest !@#$ that've ever been in ow. Cya

My lovely old mercy...
Valkyrie is extremely strong.
Crazy how on the forums valkyrie was "trash" a month ago now after some tournaments it's op. I don't know if it's op or not but I know it's good and always thought it was good even when people acted like it was trash
i love it, when im playing in a heated battle but i need to go to the bathroom.. valk is like flipping a switch to mercy auto-mode. i can even make dinner in that ult timer. Really love autopilot, err Valkyrie.
Too long and too strong.
It feels like all the damage that gets done during her ultimate is completely meaningless.
It feels strong in some situations but completely useless in others. Also the tethering feels inconsistent and they should really look into that. In my experience it's best utilized defensively or to press a man advantage. Overall id say I'd reduce the time in effect by around 5 seconds fix the tethering inconsistencies and boost the healing by 40 hps and the damage mode up 20%. This would allow it to be more flexible whilst increasing the skill-cap to using it by shortening the duration.
I always fill. Avid Sombra/Ana/Moira player. Valk is too strong. Lasts extremely long and makes her extremely difficult to kill, which also makes her team extremely difficult to kill. Her hitbox in it is really confusing. Honestly, I thought the rework was an interesting idea before it came out but now it's just sad. There are plenty of suggestions on how to make Rez a more interactive ult, which is should be, and plenty of interesting ideas for a new "E" ability for her.
It’s to inconsistent. Can we have mercy 1.0 back please?
I really think it is a good skill. Too good but good. It is the main reason she is used outside of pharmercy. Before Valkrie she was actually trash without Pharah
I feel like one of two things could change that would be beneficial to everyone else, while not hurting mercy too much. It is very upsetting to hear that mercy is getting nerf after nerf because of the strengths of her new stuff.

Reduce the duration of the Ultimate from 20 to 15.

Remove the accelerated health regeneration or reduce it.

ONE of those options would help, but I'm unsure what would work more. You could also argue she is fine and other supports need to be buffed to match her strength. That was something I thought of before her more recent potent nerfs.
12/14/2017 05:39 PMPosted by kleanupman
Crazy how on the forums valkyrie was "trash" a month ago now after some tournaments it's op. I don't know if it's op or not but I know it's good and always thought it was good even when people acted like it was trash


EDIT: I feel like people are complaining about Mercy about anything..
First it was her Old Ultimate, Then it was Rez, now it her movement speed, now it Valkyrie... People will never be happy.

Next they are going complain that she had blonde hair....
I feel like the problem is that it's too flexible. Almost every other ultimate in the game has a specific function to fill a niche: major damage, major healing, crowd control, or what have you. Valkyrie doesn't feel like it has a niche; it seems like it's a good choice in almost every team fight. On top of that, there's no limitation; she's simply able to do everything she's always able to do, only better. I don't think any particular aspect is overpowered or uncounterable, but in practice it's capable of doing too much.
Biggest reason it's so frustrating to deal with is that there's very little you can do when it goes up. Sure, 60 hps isn't a whole lot, but it's per person. You need some solid focus fire to kill just one person and even if you do kill someone, Mercy gets at least one extra rez. All the while she's floating in the skybox, able to fly almost from spawn to the objective and regenerating enough hp that unless you hit a sick shot as widow, save high noon or some other instant kill skill/ult then you there's not much worth doing.

Not even mentioning that it lasts 20 seconds (8 seconds longer than the next longest Ults, which is primal rage and molten core for reference) or that it's able to also have solid offensive presence with dmg boost and infinite ammo for Mercy.

The awkward thing about it though is that you do basically nothing during it though. Literally float to the skybox or around a corner so you don't get shot and continue to do basic mercy things. Or you feel plucky and decide to get an elimination or two. All around un-engaging and slows the game to a crawl. With other support ults it's not even half as bad because they literally don't last half as long, despite their more concentrated power. You can wait out a Zen Trance or Lucio barrier easily enough but waiting out Valk means you lose a team as a given.
Valkyrie in my own opinion should have less control over "steering"

No one should have more control in the skies than pharah, even if it's an ultimate
Even as a hitscan, I feel she moves much to fast to be hit well. and once you do hit her, her regeneration will likely heal it back in time.

I feel like the speed and regen need to be toned down a bit. That is all
It's great.
In my experience, I'm not sure about relative "strength" per say. I just know it feels very underwhelming to use. It just makes me feel like a slightly more powerful lucio, with a slightly less powerful orisa ult for 20 seconds. And the flying feels really unnecessary. Unless I'm dashing (which very often tends to overshoot by a mile with the weird speed enhance) it just feels really floaty, clunky, and slow and I'm easy bait for hanzos, widows, and mcrees. I also liked old rez a lot more because while sure, maybe I got marginally less revives a match, when I ulted I felt like I had an impact, compared to now where I feel like I contribute nothing save being a slightly pretty glowing target.
Its a terrible replacement for mass rez.

It removes interaction from both sides.

The thing is, survivability is the thing that makes valk strong. Dont remove it, and its non interactive. Remove it, and its basically useless.

Reverting away from valk is the best option
I feel like I’m Valkyrie, Mercy is able to do just way too much compared to all the other supports with their ults. She can fly omnidirectionally for 20 full seconds, and she has the fastest movement ability in the game whilst using it. That alone makes her near invincible for her entire ult. Now I play on console as well, so hitting her while in ult is near impossible. And don’t get me started on the number of times a Mercy whilst using ult has tried to kill me as Pharah, because she knows she will win, or she’ll be hit once and then fly off at the speed of sound to her teammates like nothing ever happened. All in all, this new Valkyrie ult is simply too good, and does way to much.

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