Why does everyone hate genji mains?

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Honestly I hate them for really petty reasons. Like they are the bane of my existence. But I don't blame the character or the player, I blame myself.

Except for the I need healing spamming Genjis I run into
They don't hate Genji. They just hate gitting gud. If Genji is nerfed they will hate another hero, simple as that.
right-click headshot + melee + dash combo with no counterplay
double jump flips that move his head animations
12/16/2017 11:25 PMPosted by Metaspy
One of my issues with Genji mains is that you cannot have a calm discussion with them.
Compare abilities, use facts, show examples, its all met with knee jerk reactions of "GENJI IS BALANCED! HE NEEDS TO HAVE AN INVISIBLE 5M DEFLECT THAT WRAPS AROUND HIM!"

Genji haters using facts and logic is news to me. Not even joking.

Because actual stats and facts that suggest Genji is balanced have been shown repeatedly to this forum and you either get crickets or knee jerk reactions of "GENJI IS IMBALANCED/BROKEN AND NEED TO REMOVE DASH RESET, ADD COOLDOWN FOR DOUBLE JUMP AND FALL OFF DAMAGE, ALSO MAKE HIM 150HP!"

12/16/2017 11:25 PMPosted by Metaspy

the next thing is the lie they perpetuate that "genji is the hardest character to play". He isn't. He might have a high skill ceiling, but that isnt the same thing. He has a low skill floor and is easy to pick up and do well with. Plus Genji has the most forgiving, overloaded kit in Overwatch.

If Genji mains didnt do those 2 things. I wouldn't mind them as much.

Saying Genji is the hardest hero to play is called an opinion, not a lie. It's like saying Genji is the most enjoyable hero to play. Learn the difference between an opinion and a lie.

Regardless, getting triggered over someone having an opinion on the difficulty of playing a video game character is so laughably petty anyway. It's like getting upset at someone saying boxing is the hardest sport, or saying parenting is the hardest job in the world.

You spent a grand total of 15 minutes on Genji and didn't do so well (0.86 kda). Now, 15 minutes is too small a sample, but I suspect your understanding of Genji play is nearly non-existent, and your claim that he's easy to pick up and do well with is certainly not backed up by your stat.
I like them. Tracer vs Genji 1v1 is always a good test of skill.
12/17/2017 01:34 AMPosted by pooch
grand total of 15 minutes

And you are calling me out, posting from a smurf account.

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