Why did you chose your battle tag?

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This is an alt account, but HotSauce comes from Formation by Beyonce. I have a friend named RedLobster who I queue with on this account.

My other alt is JasonBourne. I live for people going "Jesus Christ" in match chat.

My main's name is bastegod. Which everyone assumes I'm a Bastion main or I'm just really good at Thanksgiving dinner. But it's just cause my name is Bastian and I like the play on Based God.
12/21/2017 03:29 PMPosted by Mongorians
..So ppl can yell "GOD DAMN MONGORIANS" at me every single match

God damn you mongorians, you break my chitty wall.

As for my name.

Had it since I started PC gaming with UT2004, cant see a reason to change now.
Cause i like chicken
My jorts are Versace and my crocs are Gucci.
I am in a festive mood.
i chose this name around back at vanila wow, i was a kid by then.
after i played for a year or 2 . i decided to focus on pvp and become a bad !@#.

pure an simple cause i wanted to play pvp and destroy people basicly mean
Going to get you as i will destroy ur a-hole
I've been using this one since the days of the BBS.... Showing my age a little there.
Mine's based on a queen in Skyrim, Elisif the Fair if I'm not mistaken. Cheesy yes, but I kinda like it lol.
Been trying to change to one to fit my main that is Sombra.
I have endless jokes at my disposal with this name that implies that I'm so crazy to think that lemons are alive.
I can joke how I kill them in their sleep then drink their bodily fluids, how they're acidic %&#!*#@! that plan to take over the world so I'm the lemonassassin, you get the idea :)
I play a lot of D.Va who is a dive tank. Mako, like the shark, seemed to fit. Boost into the support or sniper while DM’d and then chow down on them with cannons and rockets.
Because I love Mercy
Some (limited knowledge)Japanese wordplay based on my birthday which is August 4th.

8 is pronounced as "hachi" while 4 is sometimes pronounced as "shi" . I lump them together to get "hashi" which can mean bridge or chopsticks.

And Chopsticks84 looks nicer than Bridge84 so,ya
One time I was asked "if I wanted my name changed what would I change it to" and I was like "Jordan". The name stuck as a basis for some of my go-to usernames ever since.
Varmchoklad means Hot chocolate or hot cocoa.

I was gonna name a character once long time ago. And it kinda stuck.
It also taste pretty good.
But I prefer coffee myself :)
No one can pronounce my name, but it's actually Shield Generator 7, but compressed because of Blizzard's short username character limit. I use this everywhere I go, and it started from a game I played when I was a kid called Space Empires III.
A combination of my first name and my band.
Idk, funny joke?
The randomizer option in World of Warcraft chose it for me.
I'm a musician, a composer, a sound engineer. In these last 3 years I've been dealing with an insane amount of stress that caused me to be ill a lot and pick up a few injuries I'll never recover from completely.

I used to be an excellent guitarist able to play anything to my heart's desire and find a lot of joy in it. Nowadays I struggle to pick up my guitar, given the trauma and stress associated with it. And I can barely compose as well.

So I find myself being this - my tag -, I'm but the ghost of the soul I once was. Sorry for the somber tone, I wish I was joking. I'm going through a very difficult time dealing with personal problems and working my butt off. Right now my goal is to work a Blizzard, because Overwatch gave me so much joy and helped me be sane in the last 4 months, I want to pay it back. Hopefully..

I love you all.

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