OWL skin purchase lacks incentive to purchase

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I think they will have to step up their game if they want people to support their Esport scene. It's simply not going to cut it with bland skin for 5$ each.

There's many thing they could do;

- Bundle to purchase every skin for a much cheaper deal
- Bundle to purchase a complete team skin

Things they could add into a major bundle;

- Blizzard store discount
- New training map
- Sprays
- Player Icons
- Coins
- Custom Scoreboard

Don't get me wrong, I do think this is needed but it just feels empty. For example, look at Dota 2, I don't even play the game anymore but feel like I should buy their Compendium/Battle Pass for how much you get for the money spent.
there is a system for earning currency by viewing the games.

This literally came out today.

everybody needs to chill
They couldn’t even be bothered to make sure the character portrait matches the skin lol
The only thing I would like Blizzard to add to the OWL skins would be the special colored UI that they use in Tournaments whilst you are using an OWL skin. (The one corresponding to the team of course)
01/09/2018 05:47 PMPosted by SirNaysmithe
there is a system for earning currency by viewing the games.

Where does it say you can get tokens for watching games all I have seen is you need to buy them

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