The Dreaded Mercy Nerf: 2018

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Okay, as a full time, professional Mercy main, this worries me. I didn't want to have to come straight onto this forum to post about it but I guess I have to, if it means helping to prevent it.

-No longer makes Resurrect instant
-No longer grants a bonus charge of Resurrect
-The speed boost that Guardian Angel receives has been decreased by 50%
-Duration reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds

Don't get me wrong, what I am okay with is the decrease in seconds if they really want to do this nerf. Flying speed decreased slightly I can deal with. But you mean to tell me that Mercy should be stopped dead while in Valkyrie to resurrect somebody? In the time it takes to make a res like that, especially in the heat of battle where Valkyrie is most likely going to be used, an enemy can easily come in and destroy her, making her ult, for the most part, useless, and causes her team to collapse shortly after. Mercy is going to be a much less reliable healer if this nerf happens, from what she is now.

The only good time to pop Valkyrie is when the enemy team is coming down, your team's in trouble and everyone needs healing, even if you got a couple dead. With this nerf, Mercy will most likely be unable to res in battle, some very skilled (or lucky) Mercy mains can sneak in a res with enemies nearby, but that doesn't justify it, nor does it mean it's even possible to do with most Mercies.

With Valkyrie as it is now, without this nerf, is perfect. It's a game changer in the perfect hands of a Mercy pro, but if you aren't collected and focused enough to use it, you'll end up being unable to save your team. In this nerf, the chances of that are higher. I fear that Mercy mains will be unable to cope with this super soaker of a nerf, and it could lead to a potentially fatal depopulation of Mercies in Competitive Play and even Quick Play. Whether this isn't as bad as it looks or not, many Mercies like me think it is concerning.

As a sendoff and message to the people who thought this nerf up, please consider at least removing the res part of the Valkyrie nerf. I think the 15 seconds and the decreased flying speed are more than enough, actually skilled enemies can wipe out a Mercy, predict when she will ult, and group up to eliminate her quickly before she can save her team. This is a bad move, and it shows in the comments of the main change thread. Is Valkyrie even going to be worth using anymore, honestly?

This is trouble.
Do yourself a favour, learn to play tracer/genji/solider and stop with this senseless masochism
We don't need more DPS. Mercy is nature to me to play. If this goes through they're kissing goodbye to a lot of Mercies. This is worse than Roadhog's nerfs.
Removing rez for a better skill based ability would be 100000x better.

Once these nerfs go live i dont want to have to lose more than 50% of my games because no one except forums mercy mains thinks mercy is fun.

I dont want to think of mercy when i think of the support category.

I hope ana lucio will be back in the meta, i need a break from mercy.

Lets be real mercy doesnt really require skill, she needs to make callouts and heal low hp targets. Right now shes just a rez bot. Every time i die i usually get rezed and blow one ult to win the game since mercy can fly and heal me without dying for 20 seconds and maybe rez me again 10 seconds later if i die just so the enemy team can flame their teammates for not playing mercy.

This is usually the other way round for me but i have had a couple of games which should have been balanced but were blowouts just because we had the mercy and they didnt
Then it's their bad call for not having a Mercy. It doesn't make her overpowered or, even bad to have in the game. If they don't have a Mercy on their own team and complain about it then it's either bad luck that nobody on their team was a Mercy player or stupid that none of them decided to switch to Mercy if they were able to play as her.
They can't even compromise with us and make our 1 rez instant in Valk. It's ridiculus. Yes. I agree she needed change, but using res in ult is pure torture now.

I think it's fair it's shorter, I think the GA speed nerf would be a little more fair at 25%, I can live with the 1 rez in ult, but they have overstepped it with the speed reduction and cast time in our flipping ultimate.

I am looking forward to seeing more supports, though clearly I'm a Mercy main. I'd also love to see Ana and Luico get some love. Like healing through shields and a larger heal radius. This just feels so crappy.
I agree, man. I don't know if I can play Mercy with this kind of cripple.
Why not psuedo combine both ultimates into 1. For every person mercy rez's she gets 2.5 sec of valkyrie (the rez's are what power her suit) allowing the mercy to make a decision on when to rez and making her actially have an impact in the game. This limits her ult duration to 12.5 sec max and her ult won't begin to recharge until valkyrie ends.
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01/04/2018 10:33 PMPosted by Maxy
Do yourself a favour, learn to play tracer/genji/solider and stop with this senseless masochism

Do us all a favor and be quiet
Through all these nerfs for Mercy, as main playing her 90% of my ingame time, I always kept saying that I'd play her even if they'd put her in a wheelchair while screaming and pooping herself constantly. Well here we are, this upcoming nerf turned her pretty much into that. I'll keep playing her but damn, this newest nerf will really limit the fun. It's like Blizz is actively trying to do everything in their power to shrink her playerbase. This is the first time since release, over 800+ hours on Mercy that I feel genuinely bummed out about something done to her.

And let's be honest, the past has taught us that 99% of the PTR changes will go live unchanged. The only upside I see is that I probably won't get any more "can I have Mercy?" questions if I instalock her in comp.

Stupid and hateful people will now probably throw and get toxic if someone wants to play Mercy despite those heavy nerfs. Not that I personally care about that, but I think that more fragile personalities might switch to other healers because they will get bullied for playing her.
It's strange to me that they focus so much on her ult being to powerful. I can argue that many characters have game changing ults. If we look at a Zen if timed right he can save his entire team from a Zarya ult that’s followed up by a ana/genji combo which would void out 3 characters ults. Rezzing two team members does not always mean that fight is won. We can even look at DVA, Junkrat and Pharah they have ults that can down an entire team. Why shouldn’t Mercy have a game changing ult to contribute to the game play?

Hey all! To help keep all of the Mercy suggestions and feedback organized and easy to find, please add your thoughts to this thread. Thank you!

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