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Like if you agree that Mei is the funnest hero to play against.
It's not the hidden MMR you just suck......
01/25/2018 11:02 AMPosted by Pyxis
It's not the hidden MMR you just suck......

Oh puhleeeze. I have gold damage, gold eliminations. Plus POTG, which is proof I carried.
There is a cult of Mercy mains
I use xim4
The cat dva skin isn't actually that great.
Mercy mains are Mercy mains because their aim sucks and she's the only character they can play.
01/25/2018 10:11 AMPosted by FaneL
I don't wanna act smart, but here are more upvoted comments than downvoted. This thread is not leaving up to his name. There's only one downvoted comment on the front page, which i downvoted aswell.

I told ya I upvoted everything...
I have gold damage, you switch.
Leave mercy alone, nerf Junkrat and I like the OWL skins

Mercy is a pile of garbage

now gimme downvotes
Wait... I'm confused. If I put something that normally would get downvoted, it will get upvoted here, which means it's not downvoted. So should I just put reasonable things here that are uninteresting, so they get downvoted?

"Soldier's primary fire uses hitscan."
If you aren't competitive, don't play comp. No exceptions.
Please upvote me
Lol you're in bronze/silver/gold.. Why are you even wasting your time posting your opinions ?

Oh and Moira is op !1!11!1
One tricks ruin this game.
I can’t wait till Mercy becomes a throw pick in higher ranks again :)
Mercy needs more nerfs
Can we be realistic hear though guys? Everyone here is saying that Genji and Tracer are fine as a joke but they actually are fine. People just need to learn how to aim properly...

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