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I think that it is very good the developer's update about community's discussion. At least on Mercy we have had some "We have read, we'll try this and we'll see after", and other about topics like Junkrat, Mei, Sym etc.

I think that these developer's updates should be done every 2 months if you add something to the game that increase discussions.
I know that you're working on the game every day, but i think that doing one developer's update every 2 months could be good to make feel the "community" important or at least not only micro-communities.

To focus one thing: this thread is not to say that i agree with all that he said or that i don't agree. The point HERE is that "Developer's update about community's discussion should be done", not that you agree with what they'll say.
I loved this update. After all the unnecessary furor, in my opinion, over the comments Jeff made in the "media day" he had on OWL day 2, this further reinforces that the developers are watching for community feedback and use it as part of their consideration. A lot of people ragged on them for not listening to the community, when I have always felt that it was obvious that they read the forums but have not actively participated at much lately, very likely due to how toxic it can get.

I do not have much more feedback other than two points:

  • Please do community updates like these more often. I know Jeff is busy, so it does not necessarily need to be him, but it would be nice to hear these kinds of updates involving community updates more often. Development and testing takes time, which is why they are not as common now. However, past professional experience has taught me that sometimes your audience just wants to know what is going on, even if they cannot fully appreciate or understand what it is exactly. Knowing the team's "To Do" list and their progress towards ongoing tasks would be nice to the extent that you can share exactly what those items are.
  • Please share more statistics with us. I would love to hear more about specific statistics, such as the increase in reporting, but also to see trending. For instance, was "Abusive Chat" initially your most common report and is now lower, presumably, at least in part, because reporting was effective? For people who do not use the system, perhaps sharing data like this will encourage them to do so.
He made a lot of good points that the community needed to hear. Whether they'll listen is another story.

I like this format of update where he addresses multiple concerns of ours. You know how the president gives a State of the Union address? This was like the Overwatch equivalent of that.

I know it's a lot more work, but I'd like to see an official statistics site. I've always appreciated how transparent the team has been with us, and that would make it even better.

Much love to Jeff, he's a saint <3
Overall it was like 10 times better than the last dev update where he basicly vomited OWL related BS and tried to reassure everyone that they are working on something but didnt told us anything specific.

This one i really appreciate, even if i dont agree with everything he said or not said. (ignored the Genji deflect thread...i mean, not cool...not cool)

A simple number tweak either wont help Symmetra,or help her too much. Just imagine if they buff the damage increase rate or default dmg.
Same with Mei, if she suddenly freeze way too fast, she becomes a monster.
Jesus that would be a huge clusterfrank.
2 genji counter becomes OP at the same time,i think the forums would be so full of tears that it would flow right through our screens.

Also,i dont see how its a good idea to risk overkill Mercy, just so you can buff or revert her later if things gone wrong. Its a waste of time and unnecessarily messing with Mercy mains once again.

The rest is pretty much understandable and something i can agree with, the triangle and the Hanzo testing for example.

He should communicate like this, way more frequently. Dosn't matter if its a dev update video or just a post called Dev update thread pinned on the forums which is getting updated every week with topics and answers,more info on the background work etc.

A little more communication can do wonders.
Where on the OW site is/are the developers videos? I
01/26/2018 12:29 PMPosted by Demyx
Where on the OW site is/are the developers videos? I

They're posted on Overwatch's official YouTube channel. Here's the one people are talking about here:

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