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I love this game but I hate the fact there's a stereotype that girls only play Mercy and are always told to play Mercy (esp if they aren't doing well on dps/tank). The same stereotype exists on WoW, LoL, and other games (girls playing Priest, Sona, or whatever healer...).

How can we defeat this stereotype?
when dudebros stop caring about this stuff
You're literally asking to defeat a stereotype?
You can't. Just play what you want and move on.
Sadly i don't believe we can defeat the stereotype, people will think what they want to think and very rarely will they change their stance on the issue. But if its happening to you just mute them and report them.
I made a count at 3.9k-4.1k sr

16 girls spoke in chat in the span of a week. 14 of them were mercy mains. I did this on stream
By doing well with other heroes.
Yeah, I’m a guy and it kinda bugs me surprisingly. One of my good friends is a Sombra and Genji main and she hates Mercy.

I guess it’s just because Mercy is known as the “easy to use” hero and most guys still don’t realize that girls can be just as good as guys if not better at video games so they assume they play the easy stuff.
Girls playing healer is a video game stereotype through and through.

I honestly expect it to die out in the next decade or so and I hope it does. The day we stop polarizing each other is the day general media might actually take us seriously.
Girls who play Mercy have to be sure not to act high and mighty about being a support player to the point of being toxic and boys have to stop being annoying about it.
The reason why I said the first one is because "toxic girl gamers" and ESPECIALLY "toxic girl Mercy players" are always going to get a bajillion hits on Youtube because people want to see a girl tilt. Girls have to be more careful not to give people who clip stuff like that any material to further the stereotype.

tl;dr also just play whatever you want and don't care
I main DPS as a girl.

But most fem players I know are mercy only players with only a few exceptions. Nothing wrong with that at all just how it is. Why is it a issue though? Women like to nurture so are naturally drawn to healing roles.
I have rubbish aim that is why I play her, but been trying other supports too,
the moment something becomes wildly known as a stereotype is the moment its defeated, sure their are still toxic idiots who say things like "ur a gril play mercy sloot" but you just kinda have to deal with that, report them, mute them
well, when it comes to videogames, alot of the female demographic had not grown up playing FPSes for the most part, since they were marketed to manly men who need to show their manliness by shooting the thing and look like a badass; - where girls were typically getting marketed towards fluffy cute slice of life games or puzzle games.

So, of course girls who don't have the FPS backup experience do want to contribute with a game their friends are enjoying but if they cant aim well they should try a character that doesn't need to aim as much so characters like Sym or Junkrat or Mercy would be more up their alley.

Now, I'm not saying that's the main case but it is a high possibility. another possibility is they dont like characters that extremely in your face but still want to save the day; widdling that down to long range or healers.

Just because a character seems easy for you, it could be the perfect niche to introduce someone to a game genre that they dont have alot of experience in.

Or, they liked Medic from tf2 and she is very much like him. who knows.

I know I tend to circulate towards healers because Tanking stressed me out in MMOs and I felt like I wasnt really contributing much as a DPS when I played MMOs; so when I started to play overwatch I had that mindset since that's the sort of thing I was used to doing. I mean, I dont have great Aim (Like im from MMOs you don't exactly need aim for that) but I still wanna help people in the expertise I have from the game genre I've played. Mind you they keep nerfing the characters I like playing but thats besides the point.

There are still girls who played FPSes and probably got the 13 year old boy treatment and I know for a fact if they are able to shoot things, they gosh darn going to since that's their niche. No needing to play mercy. Its just like COD players playing soldier since Soldier is the easiest way to for them to get the feel and understanding of the game. Its all on the basis of character background.

Or, you know, they just like playing Mercy. it really could be that simple.
Another thing to consider: there are actual neurological differences between men and women. They don't apply to everyone obviously, because every human is unique.
There are two main skillsets at play here: game sense and mechanical skills. I find that women tend to have good game sense and men are better with mechanical skills. Mercy is a hero that requires a good amount of game sense to do well with. Once again, this isn't set in stone. Just a theory of mine.

edit: uh oh, didn't know I could be sexist towards myself
Oh no, I am the stereotype. Sorry about that lol.

I don't think there's a whole lot we ourselves can do other than continue to just play what we play and encourage the sane part of the community to stand by us when we get picked on. I know that's lofty talk coming from someone who is adhering to the stereotype herself, but I really do think it's important that the rest of the community is willing to actively normalize this behavior by making it clear to the people who object to it that it's not a big deal.

Basically, when people start freaking out because "u r girl why not Mercy", other people need to be willing to step up and say "Hey, it's normal and it's not a big deal, there are girls who play well on every hero in the roster". Because the sad reality is, the ones who pick on you for being a Girl Outside Support are not going to listen to you when you object; they're only going to listen to other people.
I would be willing to bet that >50% of girls are mercy mains
My best friend mains Mercy, but my sisters and I all main male characters (me: Hanzo, my sisters: Junkrat and Genji). The three of us all play Mercy quite often, but we also play a lot of support characters in general.

I personally don’t see an issue with the idea that girls mainly main Mercy, more so that it’s used as a derogatory insult. Also, assuming that only girls main Mercy; one of my sisters’ male friends mains Mercy (he even has a gold weapon for her). There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a girl and maining Mercy. It’s also fine if you’re a girl and don’t main Mercy. What’s NOT ok is harassing a girl for not playing Mercy or assuming that “all girls are Mercy mains”.
There is usually some truth behind a stereotype.

Just throwing it out there.

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