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Am I the only one that feels like Reaper sucks? I used to be able to play him before the 'buff', now he just feels godawful.
He is a great flanker / tank buster as long as it's 1v1
I think he is overlooked, but so long as you are playing him how he is meant to be played (flanker / tank buster), and know to switch off him if the enemy team is countering you (like with any hero), then he is still a good hero.

I see a lot of use from him in mid - high platinum on PS4.
Allowing him to cancel wraith form would make his situation way better
He's far from the worst but long-term I think he could use some love. Shadow Step really needs a rework.
I love Reaper but I'm always down to see him get a little better. He's still playable for sure. Had 70 kills in comp a little while back just Reaper
I want them to pull a widow-style buff where they just make his two abilities a little bit better. Just like Widowmaker before her latest buffs, Reaper has a good core but lackluster abilities.
I feel like Reaper is more of a flanker now, at least that's what I've noticed since his change, and quite frankly, it works really well.
he's fine his e just needs work.
Yes, he's decently niche.
But in the situations where he works he dominates.
Reaper isn't meta, but he's not off meta either. He's a perfect example of a niche character that is strong and actually reliable. Maybe a but of a faster shadow step and he'll be perfect.
Which 'buff' are you talking about!?! :-o
01/22/2018 07:34 PMPosted by Jinx
He's far from the worst but long-term I think he could use some love. Shadow Step really needs a rework.
Indeed. I miss the high burst from the souls he'd pick up, sometimes the healing on attack seems pitiful unless its someone like roadhog. Other than that, pretty worthless ability.
Give me a RMB, firing both guns at the same time.
Everything I hear about him, a good Reaper is like a good Widow, except for different ranges. You have to respect reaper in close range, and you have to respect Widow in open areas. They're both very powerful if situational Hero's and a Reaper on a payload is as scary as any Widow with LoS if you're looking to stop it...

He's not universal but if you're playing a Non-dive comp, he's a monster.

Personal opinion, I also think he's far more reliant on game sense than mechanics, patience and knowing when to engage is very important for Reapy, as ruining the element of surprise or going in without your team makes you a giant, slow, meaty target.
he is situational
01/22/2018 08:50 PMPosted by Zer0
he is situational

yeah and in every situation there is a hero who can do his job better like junkrat
I also hate what they did to his healing because of how well it synergized with his ult. If it was a good ult, the orbs hed pick up made it really hard to kill him, but the heal on damage dealt kind of negates this. Ult isn't as strong as it used to be.
IMO wraith form should have been what Moira's dash is. I've been feeling like she just has a strictly better wraith form since she came out.
Shadow-Step is to slow and clunky.
He's still overshadowed by other DPS that do his job but safer and bring more utility.

Maybe if we get another tank meta Blizz will see how much he struggles to do the one thing he's supposed to be good at.

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