1/24/2018 Balance Feedback [Full post]

General Discussion
+ Good
- Bad
= Suggestions

Offense heroes all seem to be built around having high damage and mobility to make up for their smaller health pools and low durability.

+ built around combos, very fun to play
+ unique ammo mechanic
- his ult is very boring compared to the rest of his kit, not very well designed for an fps game
- his e is still clunky and awkward to use, it hurts his combo game
- A lot of the damage dealt by rocket punch comes from knocking an enemy into a wall afterwards, which makes oneshots a mixed experience (Having an enemy be in front of a wall isn't really something you can plan out, more luck based than similar OH-KO's like hook, in which aim is the main factor in damage dealt)
= Improve his slam animations and ability movement (his slam should function like Winston's leap, with consistent physics instead of set locations, more fluid animations and comboing)
= Replace wall impact damage with an additional stun, allow df to immediately follow up rocket punch with left clicks, keeping the damage potential the same, but allowing for more barrier counterplay
= Make rocket punch omnidirectional
= Reduce the cooldowns on his uppercut and slam slightly
= Remove the recharge time reset on left click shooting
= Replace some of his hp with shields
= Ult rework: Doomfist jumps (or uppercuts) high into the air, instantly giving him max barriers/hp, all of Doomfist's abilities are temporarily buffed (short cooldowns/ higher damage,etc...)

+ unique kit and abilities, damage combos
- his deflect hitbox is misleading compared to its animation, the ability in general is broken and imbalanced for both sides of the interaction
- wallclimbing is unreliable, it bugs out often (same with Hanzo)
- some annoying inconsistencies with the hero (ghost hits with ult, some of his animations, deflect/slashes interrupting after ult, wallclimb bugging out)
= wallcimbing should reset double jump/fix his wallclimbing
= make deflect animation (along with any other animations) more representative of its hitbox, fix deflect inconsistencies, allow deflect to block nearly all attacks (except for things such as junkrat explosions or winston's gun) but reduce deflect duration
= adjust the spread of the right click (at certain close distances you get higher damage potential when not aiming directly at enemy heads, it can reward players for worse aim)
= deflect and slashes in his ult should not get cancelled mid animation at ult timeout (add a max slash cap to his ult to prevent exploiting)

+ headshots are rewarding, flashbang is a skillshot (sort of)
- limited mobility/sustain compared to the rest of offense, his high damage doesn't really make up for it since soldier has comparable damage now
- fan the hammer does less damage per bullet, forces you to reload/roll afterwards, little advantage over a left click headshot
- flashbang sometimes leads to wierd hitbox movement, causing hero heads to twitch right when you are trying to shoot them
- Although his ult is great for zoning or situational combos, using it mid-fight is basically suicidal
= Increase his reload speed
= make fth a toggle ability to help conserve shots, increase fth damage and accuracy, maybe reduce firing speed to compensate
= reduce roll cooldown
= Reduce flashbang cooldown slightly, increase stun damage very slightly (to about 30 damage, allowing for a flash + headshot + melee combo), remove/adjust hero twitch on stun
= any form of vertical mobility, such as a vault to allow him to get up ledges slightly above him, compared to all other dps his mobility is awful, and his damage does not make up for it (even Soldier can rocket jump to get on high ground)
= replace some of his health with shields
= High noon should target Torb turrets and riptire
= New/second ult (can be activated by right click during deadeye): Allow McCree to cancel deadeye shortly after activating, and load his pistol with 6 shots that deal much higher damage (around 120 damage, so that headshots instakill most normal heroes). This would give McCree a better, and much more interesting, ult option for mid-fights where using deadeye would normally just get him killed.

+ vertical playstyle
- counters projectile heroes, ex: Junkrat
- countered by hitscan heroes, ex: McCree
- she can now fly indefinitely, which makes counterpicking even more necessary
= reduce aoe of missles (near misses shouldn't be as rewarding), maybe give a max range for missles, having them explode at a threshold (no more spamming across an entire map)
= Reduce her vertical mobility range, but improve her horizontal mobility (faster close range engagements, less effective long range spamming)

+ high damage at close range, strong against tanks
- very short range, countered by mobile or longer range heroes, ex: Pharah
- his teleport is useless when fighting, his overall mobility is weak and he has limited options compared to other close range dps heroes
- the added lifesteal has only made him more imbalanced, since his new passive makes it far easier to solo tanks (he already had an advantage, now there's practically no contest) but is less useful against normal heroes
= reduce/normalize his spread, adjust damage (his left click needs to be more effective overall, not just overly strong against tanks), or give him some sort of alt-fire (maybe smoke grenades similar to the trailer to help him close distances)
= make teleport more useful when fighting (ex: allow teleport to be used during wraith form, faster/more fluid animation), reduce the noise it makes (make Reaper more silent overall)
= make his movement abilities a little more fluid and less predictable like in the trailers (ex: make wraith form a toggle ability with a set amount of charge, or allow wraith form to be cancelled mid-use, and give the ability an extra charge or two)

+ hitscan and projectile damage
+ sprint gives good horizontal mobility, rocket jumping gives vertical mobility
- RNG associated with his spread, the damage/spread change means burst firing and aiming for headshots is less rewarding, you can get more out of soldier than you can with other hitscan heroes while having worse aim
= Remove all RNG from his spread, even if that means reducing his damage to compensate
= if soldier is aiming directly (or maybe just very close) on an enemy head during ult, it should be a headshot (this would add some skill factor to the ult)
= when ulting, Soldier's crosshair should determine where helix rocket is shot

+ similar to Mei, is based more around disabling/disruption than raw damage
+ stealth hero, horizontal and vertical mobility
- a lot of cooldowns to manage, which can be confusing for most players
- ability mechanics/cooldowns encourage a more static playstyle compared to other heroes (hack health pack, throw teleporter, stealth, dive team, teleport back, repeat) deviating from this leaves you very vulnerable, her main role is simply to charge ult quickly for a free teamwipe
- her ult removes shields, making it a hard counter to Lucio's ult and shield based heroes (Zen is left with only 50 hp), which is not very fair, her ult is overall very strong and very hard to deal with (provided you have a decent team to follow up)
= reduce some of her cooldowns, her hack in particular should be looked at (it should really be the focus of her kit, since it's the most unique ability), maybe reduce the cooldown but increase to time to hack slightly
= allow currently placed teleporter to be cancelled (this would help with more dynamic movement without risking safety) and increase its duration (or just give it infinite duration)
= small hacked health packs should be upgraded to large health packs (gives more options for teleporter/healing teammates), or make the hps for each type the same
= remove the shield nullification on ult (for hero hp pools at least), maybe replace it with another debuff (move slow, damage over time, ...)
= hack should only silence enemies, it makes no sense gameplay-wise why a silence is able to take bastion out of turret form while McCree's flashbang stun can't
= More counterplay for her ult (make it similar to D.Va bomb, it can be blocked by walls or barriers, and it would still destroy these barriers after)

+ a lot of freedom in movement/flanking teams
+ abilities work together well, unique backtrack mechanic
+ She is arguably the most balanced hero in the game. All of her abilities are useful in nearly every situation, and she has a smooth "skill curve", meaning that effectiveness with the hero varies directly with player skill.
- no vertical mobility makes her less useful on certain maps
- solo ult has less kill potential than other offense ults, can be pretty difficult to land consistently
= She is fairly balanced already, other heroes just need buffs to better compete (hog was a great counter to her...until he got nerfed)...one change that could help other heroes counter her would be to reduce her base move speed to the standard amount, allowing for other heroes to more reliably land shots on her

Defense heroes have less mobility compared to offense in exchange for more zoning ability or durability. Some of the defense heroes right now are pretty gimmicky, rewarding players far too much in certain scenarios while being fairly weak in others.

+ has two separate modes
+ new changes have improved his survivablility and usefulness in recon
- his recon weapon is now nearly identical to soldier's
- no visual indication of his passive, percentage reductions to damage make the game more confusing (you now have to understand how his passive interacts with each ult and ability, rather than just the flat damage numbers)
= tweak the recon weapon (higher damage/accuracy, 15-20 shot clip, semi-auto or burst fire) so it's not as similar to soldier
= revert sentry weapon changes (tighten the spread, allow crits), but reduce its damage slightly
= instead of a percentage damage reduction, just give him extra health/armor while in sentry/tank mode, this would be much less confusing and offer similar durability
= maybe allow Bastion to move slowly while in sentry mode
= make his self heal a passive that occurs whenever he takes damage (keep the limited duration, or reduce the heal rate), or allow him to heal while shooting (the passive is preferable since using both mouse buttons can be cumbersome)
= give him some more abilities; a recon ability (throw the bird to spot enemies), a sentry ability (bring up a barrier temporarily, or allow temporary movement in sentry)

+ projectile speed changes make him a more reliable dps at mid range
+ good utility paired with high kill potential
+ scatter arrow is a unique skillshot, can be used to get kills around corners (but it's mostly shot at people's feet to insta-kill)
- basic attack is fairly unreliable at distance and scatter arrow can be very random at times, picks involve a good degree of luck compared to widow
- sonic arrow provides a lot of utility, but there's close to no indication of its presence (look at Widow's ult)
= maybe reduce projectile size or charge speed, increase projectile speed
= some audio/visual indication of a sonic arrow, also fix the audio for his ult so dragons can be clearly heard
= improve his mobility (allow hanging from walls and shooting, multi-directional wallclimbing, allow him to jump off the wall he's climbing)
= instead of focusing the delay between shots through charge time, give him a delay after shooting an arrow when he is drawing out another arrow (this would make more sense, it would also allow for stronger/faster charged arrows, without turning him into an annoying spam hero, and it would make his sniping mechanics less similar to Widow)

+ good at pressuring barriers and chokes
- relies on spamming projectiles at most distances, he is limited in terms of dealing consistent damage on specific targets, unlike other dps heroes
- he gets too much value out of spamming, and is usually discouraged from fighting up close
= more control over when his projectiles detonate to discourage spamming and to stand a better chance against airborne heroes
= his projectiles should only bounce one time, then instantly explode on contact with a second surface; this would significantly reduce rng and lucky kills/damage for Junkrat, and force more deliberate aiming at all ranges
= Reduce mine damage to 100 (no damage falloff), this would tone down his raw dps but still allow him to combo decently (left click + melee + mine would still kill 250hp heroes)
= Reduce tire speed slightly, but increase ult casting speed

+ a kit focused more on crowd control than raw damage
- her ult is a little too strong when compared to other defense ults, it's on par with Zarya/Rein ults in terms of crowd control, a free win for contesting points on overtime
= add more counterplay to her ult through barriers, similar to other cc ults like grav and earthshatter (the freezing effect should start at the center and spread outward along the ground, similar to earthshatter; allowing players to use barriers to block the freezing effects), increase her ult charge rate slightly
= change icicle headshot damage to 140, but reduce its ammo cost and fire delay slightly
= adjust her left click properties (faster velocity), making it more reliable against moving targets and AOE
= Reduce/remove delay when switching between left and right click

+ a builder hero, turret
+ the most disrespectful melee weapon in the game
- armor packs encourage snowballing
- the turret takes time to place and upgrade and he is very reliant on it to be useful, making him only viable for static, defensive playstyles
- Torb has poor survivability relative to how large and easy to hit his hitbox is
- his ult (the ulted turret in particular) is very strong, which isn't great given that there is little skill factoring in to the turret's effectiveness
= buff torb, nerf his turret
= replace some of his health with armor to make up for his hitbox
= make his primary fire more reliable (slightly faster velocity/less drop over distance), increase his reload speed (it is painfully slow), increase it even more during his ult, his ammo should be refilled when he ults
= give lvl 2 turrets some projectile missiles, keep the damage potential similar (increased effectiveness against tanks/barriers, reduces the counter against squishy heroes), increase turret placement/upgrade speed
= reduce ulted turret health/damage, but allow ulted turrets to be placed immediately instead of requiring a lvl 2 turret
= increase hammer damage or swing speed
= remove armor packs, instead have a targeted ability that commands his turret to focus a certain target

+ good widow players can have a huge impact on games (high learning curve for the hero)
+ hookshot kills are fun to pull off
+ The best designed ult in the game (a direct compliment to her normal playstyle, it gives you a slight advantage, but not enough to devolve the hero into an ult charger). This is how ults should be designed, otherwise matches devolve into a competition of ult economies and ult counters.
-hookshot is very unreliable (hooks you to the completely wrong surface)
= allow hookshot to be used to hang from surfaces, make hookshot more consistent

Tanks are more durable than other heroes, and can also deal decent damage with a tradeoff (ex: Rein has to lower his shield to swing his hammer, he also has short range, Winston has good mobility/durability, but low damage over time).

+ unique abilities/passive
+ defense matrix uptime has been toned down
- her damage blocking ability is hard countered by certain heroes' attacks (ex: Zarya), but is a hard counter to all projectiles, is unbalanced compared to other barriers such as Rein's, and doesn't have much counterplay (it's toggleable and can block an infinite amount of damage, like a boosted pharah ult)
- The addition of micro missiles doesn't help her durability, she is now more of a dps than a tank
= adjust damage falloff or move speed while shooting or give her an entirely new primary fire, one that is better suited for a mech (ex: lasers/missiles similar to Mechwarrior, you can even give them short cooldowns to encourage torso-twisting)
= revert defense matrix back to "e" version with a set duration (this allows for more counterplay to occur with the ability, similar to Genji's deflect, but also allows for a more useful duration and better blocking mechanics to be implemented, rewarding D.Va players more for proper timing)
= increase durabilty, either with another barrier ability or armor
= increase her boost cooldown very slightly

+ A complex tank, many abilities
+ Projectile speed increase makes her gun damage more reliable
+ The larger barrier is much more useful for blocking damage
- Her barrier is placed like Winston's, but she lacks the mobility he has, it makes her mostly useful for static, defensive roles
- Her ult is also placed, and is fairly easy to burst down
- the reduced cooldown of her barrier means it's even harder to pressure her (Rein has to carefully manage barrier health, and can be pressured out over time, while Orisa can simply wait for her's to to recharge while it's still up), there is very little skill factoring into use of her barrier
= Allow her to deploy her barrier while reloading, increase the deploy speed and the cooldown
= Barrier duration should start the moment it's launched (to prevent the current barrier stacking by shooting it in the air)
= Increase the accuracy of her gun (reduce spread), adjust damage/damage falloff to compensate
= Her pull should not go through barriers, holding right click after shooting the orb should pull enemies as soon as they're in range
= Maybe reduce the move penalty when shooting, or put the move penalty on her fortify rather than when she shoots, or split the penalty between the two
= Instead of a static placement, maybe have her ult follow her around or be part of her hitbox
= Instead of a damage boost, supercharger should add the fortify effect to all teammates (increased durability + cc immunity)

+ balanced kit, sustained damage blocking and cc ult
- he has no ranged damage, making him almost completely outclassed by orisa when it comes to barrier wars
- his charge is very unreliable
= fix charge, and make is far less clunky, with better directional control, and allow it to be cancelled shortly after using it, charge should deal damage and knockback any enemies hit by it, the pin mechanics need to be improved

+ hook skillshot, alt-fire skillshot
+ the longer cooldown on hook improves counterplay with other heroes
- hook is horribly inconsistent for both landing hooks and dealing damage, the disconnect mechanics need some work and can be abused using momentum (jump peaking on high ground pretty much guarantees a hook won't pull you), the changes to hook pull distance have brought it back to being unreliable against certain heroes
- his damage nerf and gun change has pretty much ruined his viability and the overall feel of the hero (he used to be clunky, slow, but dangerous), his hook is as unreliable as ever, most hooked enemies can now survive it, some can even turn on you for a free kill (i.e. Reaper)
- the self heal changes effectively reward sloppy play, in order to get the most value out of it you need to have bad positioning
= Revert scrap gun changes (4 shots, higher damage, slower fire rate)
= Make hook consistent (Every single hook landed should pull all heroes right in front of hog, allowing for a full damage headshot to be landed every time), reduce/remove the momentum of hooked enemies to help prevent unfair disconnects, or just remove the disconnect mechanic entirely (the mechanic is just a crutch for this game's latency problems, and has just transferred hook frustration from the receiver to the hog player, latency can still break this mechanic anyways, resulting in hook 1.0 all over again)
= Once hook is made consistent, adjust the difficulty in landing hook as seen fit (cast time, pull distance, hitbox, pull delay, etc...)
= Remove the damage reduction on his self heal,

+ disruptive off-tank, can get solo kills, but can still be outplayed/solo killed himself
- his critbox still makes him fairly weak against spread weapons (ex: Reaper/Roadhog)
= fix his jump pack land + melee animation cancel (you don't have to remove it, but it is visually misleading compared to other hero's combos such as D.Va's boost + melee combo)
= maybe make his gun overheat instead of having to reload, just to add diversity

+ an off tank with good utility for saving teammates, good damage potential, cc ult
+ good solo-impact in matches
+ limited mobility to compensate for high damage output
- She relies on snowballing with her charge in order to be effective, which can encourage selfish play (if you are at low charge, you are basically putting your team at a disadvantage, and the difference in damage between 0 and 100% charge is huge)
= maybe reduce her bubble cooldowns slightly, or revert the charge per bubble back to 50%, bubbles should block all forms of cc, including any forms of knockback
= increase her minimum charge damage slightly, keeping the maximum the same
= allow her to bubble non-player objects like Torb's turret
= Adjust the ability interactions with graviton (squishy heroes like Tracer or Doomfist should still be able to use some mobility to escape, but tanks like Rein should have to rely on their damage blocking abilities to survive) the mobility silence should only be applied once players are pulled in to graviton completely

Supports heal and protect their team, but they should still be a match for other heroes in terms of damage. Zen is currently the best example, with a kit focused on team support, but enough damage to allow him to solo enemy heroes with good enough aim.

+ an independent support with a lot of solo impact and utility (a disable, burst heal, heal block, high ranged damage), hitscan and projectile healing
+ offensive support ult
- removal of the speed boost on ult has only limited the amount of heroes it can be paired with
- her method of healing is much more difficult on smaller heroes, and she is the only support that can't heal through barriers
= adjust grenade animation to better match splash radius
= increase unscoped projectile speed
= with her aim reliant healing, her hps should be the highest
= reduce/remove the shot delay after a quickscope (this method of shooting is useful when targeting smaller heroes, but the added delay after doing it hurts her healing rate)
= add a slight speed boost buff back to her ult, reduce damage resistance slightly, and reduce/remove additional speed boost when paired with Lucio's speed boost
= allow self-nano boosts, and make nano boosts also buff healing
= add passive hp regen similar to Mercy

+ similar to Ana, he has lots of options for surviving and has good utility to offer to the team
+ the aoe changes have increased his skill ceiling in terms of healing, and also made him less powerful as a support
- the new aoe is small, forcing Lucio players to either shadow teammates all game or abandon consistent healing in favor of wallriding/mobility
- his ult his practically useless when dealing with most ult combos
= instead of a fixed radius, have his buffs diminish over distance (have a distance limit at a reasonable distance though); this way a Lucio can still somewhat heal a Pharah or buff others while he is wallriding farther away; the radial effect should be kept, and this should indicate the area of max possible healing/buffing
= multiple stacked speed boosts (ex: Lucio + Ana) should have diminishing returns, or should not stack at all
= allow Lucio to attack/reload while amping it up
= increase the initial barrier amount given on his ult

+ her new ult requires more input from the player and has additional utility compared to old rez
- her ult can no longer effectively counter teamwiping ult combos like graviton + pulse bomb
- having resurrect on e offers absurd utility compared to any other support
= Replace her e resurrect with valkyrie (toned down to reflect value of a standard ability)
= Return old resurrect to ult, but require los to res targets and a shorter range to emphasize countering ult combos over general teamwipes, and remove Mercy's invulnerability. Res'd players should gain control of their heroes almost immediately.

+ Well rounded kit, fairly independent support
- Healing is clunky compared to damage, especially with the ammo mechanic included, it forces a fairly linear playstyle
- Biotic orb bounces make it random and unreliable
- The lock on mechanic for right click is pointless given how strict it is, along with the fact that her ult does not have a lock on, having three different aiming mechanics is unecessary
= Make both her left and right click a straight beam like her ult is (the animation for it already exists on live), adjust the hitbox sizes of these beams as seen fit, and adjust left click healrate (pinpoint beam tracking should have a fairly high healrate)
= Biotic orb should stick where it lands, it needs to be a more intentional form of aoe damage/healing to compliment her pinpoint left/right clicks and ult
= Remove the healing ammo bar

+ a unique support without healing abilities
- There is very little skill input for the hero, making her very annoying to play against (her playstyle revolves around placing turrets and spamming chokes to charge ult, and her ult simply needs to be placed somewhere to give her team a big advantage)
- compared to supports such as Ana Zen, and Lucio, her weapon is very unreliable at anything farther than close range, her right click is only really useful for spamming chokes
- her barrier compliments her methods of dealing damage, but is limited in offensive and supporting utility, removal of the normal shield buff has further limited her supporting utility
- having a teleporter active with only one or two charges is a liability, as long as it's active it will prevent you from building ult charge to get a fresh teleporter
- shield gen causes snowballing, is just an unfair ability in general, given that it's a flat buff given to the entire team that can potentially last a full round
= add a passive shield buff that stays on teammates within a certain distance, maybe make it based on hp pool [instead of having shields apply in addition to base health/armor, hero health/armor is converted into shields/shield-armor hybrid, this would reduce the snowballing effect of the shield buff while increasing the supporting utility of Symmetra]
= shield gen/teleporter should have a limited duration, but should be made harder to destroy
= make her placement speeds faster, remove cooldown for her sentries, and reduce/remove movement penalty while placing, nerf the sentries, buff the hero
= add a new "e" ability that temporarily boosts/recharges the shields of a teammate (or herself), or add a short range teleporter to provide mobility to the team
= rework the range, damage, projectile speed of her weapon (instead of increasing damage over time, have left click damage increase at closer distances, make the aiming requirement much more strict, and increase the range slightly; increase right click charge rate, projectile speed, decrease damage, and remove its ability to pierce barriers)

+ offers good damage with his attacks and discord orb
- has the worst hitbox of the supports, no mobility, and no survivability tools, making him very easy to burst down
- his ult fails to save teammates against many ult combos (Zarya/Tracer,Ana/Pharah,ect...), at the moment his ult is really the only reliable ult counter, yet it very often fails to do this
= have his ult nullify all damage taken within the aoe ("Experience Tranquility"), but reduce its aoe,allow Zen to function as normal even when ulting, or at least be able to heal/discord targets during ult
= Allow him to put healing orb on himself at a reduced heal rate, or at least allow him to regen his hp back as well so he doesn't have to rely on health packs or other players to get 100% of his hp back
= Ammo should only be used up by right click after being fired
= Fix his left click + melee animation

-------------------------------------------Misc. Suggestions-------------------------------------------
= Any RNG needs to be removed/reduced (spread weapons in particular, way more pellets, way more consistent damage patterns)
= HP based shields should start recharging faster, and maybe recharge faster as well. This would make them a useful alternative to heroes lacking sustain instead of giving everyone self heals. It would also make heroes like Zarya/Symmetra less reliant on healers.
= Stacked buffs (speed/damage boosts) should have heavily diminishing returns
= Ults should not simply be "press q to win" they should be on par with the difficulty of the hero, but provide an advantage over normal play (ex: dragonblade, primal rage, tank configuration, infrasight, etc.)
= Revert the ult charge change. It has broken many interactions in the game, and has done little more than punish all of the heroes that have been struggling for viability.
= Slight passive hp regen for all heroes should be considered.
= There are some unnecessarily long delays for certain ability combos (attack + melee combos in particular), animation cancelling still needs to be reduced. You don't have to remove the combos, just fix the animations for the combos.
= The roles in this game should not be emphasized as much as they are, and players should not be forced to rely on teammates to fulfill these other roles. Tanks/supports should be able to fairly win 1v1's and get picks.

= 2CP is still horrible. It is the only game mode that can be won/lost with a single teamfight, and also incorporates tight choke points that are equally unfun.
= Servers are still terrible. Free weekends make the game unplayable, server disconnects lead to unfair penalties, and I still get horrible hitreg despite having some of the best internet available in Florida.
= GM/Top 500 competitive is polluted with boosters and stacks that abuse the small player population. Remove all group queuing past GM.
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