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i keep getting Error 0xE0010160 everytime i try to open Overwatch to play.
ive now updated my drivers.. reinstalled Blizzard and reinstalled Overwatch itself.
i cleaned out every file on my laptop and ran scan and fix more than once even after Ccleaner it still doesnt work.
i cant think of anything else to try.
has anyone encountered this problem before or does anyone know how to fix this? cause im completely lost..

thanks in advance..

This error can appear with the latest build of Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update. I'd recommend the following combo steps before retesting:

Disable Fullscreen Optimization:
1) Goto the Blizzard app -> Overwatch tab -> Options -> Show in Explorer -> Open the Overwatch folder.
2) Right click Overwatch.exe and go to Properties
3) Go to the Compatibility tab
4) Check Disable Fullscreen Optimization and hit Apply
5) Do the same for Overwatch Launcher.exe

Step 2) Goto your Documents folder -> Delete the Overwatch folder at this location. This action will reset your Overwatch settings back to default.


If the issue continues you may need to repeat Step 2 and then do the following:
1) Right click on your Desktop and select: Display Settings
2) Select: Advanced Display Settings
3) Change your Resolution to another setting, normally just a notch down. Apply your settings and keep them. Don't worry we will change it back!

Retest the game! If this works you can exit the game and set your resolution back to normal. Then run the game to update your resolution in game before you start playing.

If the issue still occurs please copy your Dxdiag to your reply post. Highlight the Dxdiag contents and select the code block icon: </>. This will make it a lot easier to review your Dxdiag information. :D

Thank you!
I had the same problem and it was the second step that fixed it for me. Thanks for the post! When I was trying to resolve this I found a lot of old posts about the same problem and the solutions were all different so I tried quite a few things before getting it to work.

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