which role do you enjoy the least?

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for me i am most comfortable on Tanks and for me the worst role is DPS, i am not saying the worst role in the game but the worst for me to play, if i am tank its great if i get gold eliminations and damage but its not expected of me, but if i am dps especially if i am 76 and there is an enemy pharah and i am expected to take out pharah i get so anxious and even if i constantly take out the pharah i still dont enjoy the experience
I also don't enjoy playing dps(because I have bad aim) and really like playing tanks and Moira/Lucio
Same. I'm lousy as DPS although there are a couple I can do a passable job with. A couple defensive specialists I'm good with but the game just isn't built for consistent success with them so that gets draining. And I'm good on a couple supports but I don't find the role especially stimulating or rewarding.

Took me about 6 months of trial and error to figure out that tank was my calling. After some practice on D.Va I have all 6 tanks with a >50% win rate on QP which I can't say for any other role.

ive gotten bored of it now, playing for 4 season in a row.

ive also stopped doing competitive, well some of it. I know just get to 3000 SR then stop playing for the whole season
I'm a DVA/Support main pretty much.. I don't like playing Offense and Defense.. Although I DO wish I was better with Pharah, S76 and Widowmaker.

Should've played them more when I was learning this game a year ago.
Depends on who I have to play. I don't really care about the role, but more so the hero that is needed. I have no problem tanking, or supporting. But I generally dislike playing Reinhardt, Zarya, or Mercy so if a tank/support role is needed, I tend to avoid those 3. But I'll play them if they are needed and no swaps are being made.
In terms of roles, I have no problem. Its the individual heroes for me.
Well right now we have 4 roles dps/tank/healer/mercy.
i don't enjoy playing mercy role. hopefully mercy nerfs will remove the 4th role.
Probably main healer, I prefer off-support like Lucio. My favourite role is DPS though, because you can carry with mechanics
Most likely Healer

Blame Genji for it
Tank, it's my least played role.
anybody but dva or lucio (in your face off tanks)
Tank. I am not anywhere near responsible enough to play tanks.
01/28/2018 09:09 AMPosted by RoseRalts
Tank. I am not anywhere near responsible enough to play tanks.

lol i feel similar about dps tbh
offense heroes or tanks, not sure
Generally anything outside tanks and defense. I might make an average McCree and occasionally play Tracer in a pinch, or 76, but I am not the one you want to rely on to play exclusively DPS. For example, I can’t play Genji much to save my life, or Doomfist, Reaper.

I can however pull off an okay Mercy and sometimes a sick Moira, but I’m not proficient enough to be a mainstay healer either. Ana is a bane because of not being a great sniper even against friendlies and I misjudge timing of her abilities. I don’t wall ride well with Lucio and can’t stall a payload with him at all. Maybe if they had a tank support hero that just sat in place to heal and deactivated maybe to move. Haha!

Tanks are definitely my best area though, with Reinhardt being my definitive go to. Fitting I suppose, having a German PSN name to match. So far at an 81% win rate with him in competitive with a 10/13 record.

Sure, I’d love being better at some DPS heroes, but some take more mechanical skill than I could probably ever offer in Genji, Doomfist and Sombra. Ah well. I do okay as McCree, he’s more my speed. Slow and stop. Only speeds you need. Haha!
Barrel roll cause i always fail it and forget to press "A" to shoot
DVA or supports have bad aim
solo healing counts as a role in itself right? Lol. I hate DPSing because the role is already auto locked so much I don't have much practice with it. The rare games where the tanks and support roles are filled leaves me panicking and flailing around on a dps.
Most hitscan DPS.

I need heroes that have a lot of moving parts to satisfy me. Tracer is hitscan and is fine because her blink/recall is fun to play with. Soldier is the same as every other FPS, and make me bored. McCree/Widowmaker are terrible and if I wanted to play precise point-and-click, I would play Osu.

Yet, I had to learn McCree because sometimes my team is terrible and I need to keep Pharah grounded. But I hate when I'm forced to switch to him.
Hitscan because medically I cannot play it. When I get excited my Tourette's syndrome causes my arm to shake and spazz out. Imagine each time you take a shot as widow your screen shakes around really fast for about a second. However I do great on those "no skill" heroes such as Junkrat. Aiming is overrated.

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