Mercy is going to be balanced but...

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Mercy should be balanced after the nerf. She will still be a great Healer and be useful. She won’t be underpowered.
Although, who is going to want to play her? Mercy Mains will dwindle in numbers heavily.
Who wants to play a character that sits there and presses E,L2, or LT every 30 seconds? Not me.
I liked Mercy but then my love turned to hate when she got reworked. I knew she was going to be an issue, besides, nobody asked for it.
“Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken.” That was the saying. Honestly you don’t just stick tape on paper for no reason. The changes were the tape and Mercy was the paper. Try and take the tape off and it will damage the paper even more.
Stop trying to take the tape off and get a new piece of paper. Please. I want to start over. Not try to repair something broken beyond repair.
Please, listen to us and replace the paper.
I wouldn’t normally bump this but I want people to know that Mercy isn’t ok right now.
Posts never die?
I’m tired of dive players controlling how the games meta is played and who gets buffed/nerfed...


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