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A few weeks back someone said wave 3 was coming to GameStop including a Zenyatta one, well I was wondering if that was just a fake rumor or legit cause I haven't heard any news of any ow ones yet. Updates please ? Or confirmation, thanks. <3
Sorry to bump again but wanting to know so I can maybe go to GameStop tommorow to pre order em.
It was a leak. :)

Still yet to be announced. I'm waiting for Sombra myself.
So you can pre order em now ? Or do we have to wait a bit till they say so. I don't wanna look stupid over there putting money down and they don't know what I'm talking about lol.
I think a few people have said they preordered them from Gamestop. No pictures yet, though, so I'd wait to put money down.
Ive seen the preorder list for Gamestop. The Wave 3 Pops! are:
Roadhog (6inch)
Mercy (Cobalt) Exclusive

The list I saw showed preorder as N/A. Remember, just because its on the preorder release list, does not mean they are available for preorder. The Exclusive Emerald Pharah was on the Gamestop preorder list but was only available at the Emerald City Comicon. I had preordered it but eventually had to buy mine on ebay because it just never arrived at Gamestop. I do know that the Exclusive Mercy is NOT a Gamestop or ThinkGeek Exclusive. The regular pops for Wave 3 will all be available at the blizzard store, and will be available at the Blizzard Store before anywhere else. The release will "MOST LIKELY" be May of 2018. Once I do more digging on who will be selling the Mercy Cobalt Exclusive, I'll try and leave an update.

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