Rendering Device Lost (Only Since League Patch)

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Anyone else getting this? Only happens occasionally and it's not related to the AMD driver issue (I know that issue inside out by now). Also ruled out heat issues, tried a clean install of game etc. Doesn't seem to be any particular pattern to it and like I said it's very infrequent, but it only started when the league patch dropped.
Do you run a AMD graphics card? Sometimes doing a full clean out and reinstall of the graphic driver helps. Download the latest driver install package and then perform these steps:

1. Download Display Driver Uninstaller from The Wagnard Mobile Forum (Click “Official Download Here” near the bottom of Wagnard's first post. It will automatically download)
2. Run the Display Driver Uninstaller file you downloaded and extract it to your desktop
3. On your desktop, click Display Driver Uninstaller and run it. You may get better results if you run this in Safe Mode.
4. Click Clean and Restart
5. After restart, install the 17.12.2 driver we downloaded earlier.
Already done all of that. I had it out with your tech guys about the AMD driver issue when that all kicked off originally. I can promise you it's nothing to do with the drivers or how theyre installed. I had the 17.12.2 adrenalin driver in already and it was working brilliantly up until the league patch dropped, but I clean installed the driver anyways as I knew that was the first thing you'd suggest doing.

Between that driver being released and the league patching going live, it never crashed once with that error, whereas before that driver i'd struggle to complete a game without it crashing. It's not occuring anywhere near as often either (maybe once every 10 or 15 games).

I doubt it's relevent but I did opt not to install the ReLive component of the driver as I don't stream, but otherwise everything is fully and correctly installed and up to date.
It also occurs even if im just sitting in the main menu screen
im getting the same thing. im rocking an RX 570. i haven't had a problem before the League patch either. currently running on 17.12.2
I'm getting this too. It's an amd card, but I am running the latest update.

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