Why do people love egg?

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I am an egg and curious as to why people love egg.
You have to eat all the eggs.
They don't. =(
Egg is good cheap source of protein that can be cooked in a variety of ways.
I hate eggs
Cause they are tasty and nutritious i would guess?
Great ingredient to cook a lot of good things, even cakes.
Just be careful lest people make an omelete out of you though... xD
I like egg, but prefer to have the chicken more.
-egg: scrambled or over-easy (scrambled if I'm making, overeasy if I eat out)
-toast: lightly toasted with butter
-side of bacon
-side of homefries
-glass of milk
-glass of apple juice

Now that's a breakfast!
egg is new life
Eggs are pretty much a perfect food and have so many uses, everyone should love them.
Can i eat you!?
I like devouring the unborn.
The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Also egg master race.
egg is a new baby . egg is a new life . egg is an item after have s..
It’s the main ingredient in mayonnaise.
you are all so insensitive
Sometimes baby chickens come out of them and the baby chickens are adorable.

Usually they just make a good meal. The eggs not the newborn chickens.
Because humans have evolved eating eggs for millions of years. They're yummy, and really good for you.
Boiled eggs mmmmmm <3

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