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I will like whatever you say
Eggs are overrated
Mei is the most lovable hero in Overwatch
Tracer is the most unbalanced character in the game but will never be touched because of her status as the poster girl.
Downvote me pls UwU
Haha! I came and liked what everyone said (except that guy who said eggs were overrated)! What will you do now egg?

Edit: Nuuuu Egg and the Protein Alliance have united against me. Alas how I fall x_x
Buff D.Va, Tracer and Genji.
Remove Junkrat
Quick, balance the likes and dislikes! ~(._.~)(~._.)~
Symmetra needs a rework, this is my most up-to-date idea for her.

(You don't have to look at it my dude.)
I'm a Filthy F-Tier Main.
But i love Everyone.

YOU Can have MY Likes!
Genji doesn't need a nerf, players just need to get good at aiming.
Ana is the strongest healer in the game
theres more where that came from

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