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I'll openly admit im not the best player. I've been in plat since season 2 with most of my games either dead quiet no comms or toxic yelling. (this is why you're forever plat, etc.) I got diamond (junkrat is unbalanced) and now my games are either STILL dead quiet or MORE yelling (thats why you're only diamond, this is my alt my main is master, im throwing. etc) When does overwatch get fun?
01/26/2018 08:31 PMPosted by keytofate
When does overwatch get fun?

When you play exclusively in the arcade; that's where toxicity really goes down.
Never. Comp is garbage.
Even the original gamemode is going asunder. Comp players leaving and throwing in QP now. Arcade might actually start becoming the popular mode soon.
OW seems to have been designed to include as many ways as possible that players can use to segregate themselves, and to promote disharmony and division.

Medals, public stats, MMR, easily categorized heroes, roles that are divisive, "situational" heroes contrary to the games original premise, competitive mode in general, automated report spam, condescending Jeff "talks," OWL, ect. ect.

I'm starting to miss the good 'ole days of single player. Competitive games are fun and all, but it's almost not worth it.
Idk about you, but I had exactly one trillion percent more fun playing on my college team than I ever did in comp. In comp, I probably have 1 match out of every 50 where I really feel amazing afterwards, I'm playing great, my teammates are playing great, everything is great. 25 out of those fifty are meh, 15 are absolute garbage and the remaining 9 can be anywhere from literally the worst (playing with a five stack of Donald Trump clones who are all tracer onetricks) or just a decent match with no comms.

Comp is meant to be played in a six stack, if you don't play in a six stack there's a high probability you will end up in a disappointing match. I primarily solo-queue so I would know.
Not gonna lie... arcade really is the most fun imo
Many people think that the level they play at is elo hell, when in reality each level is it's own elo hell.

However, I find Diamond is thee funest rank. The only real problem here would be smurfing.

Usually the throwers fall into plat, so that's a purgatory of the mechanically good and bad players collide.

Diamond is where skill is important after teamwork. Then Masters/GM is too chaotic for me, and I get my !@# handed to me by the hitscan mains when I play Pharah.

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