Xim is ruining the game for console players!

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It's almost like if you don't have a Xim you're simply not gonna be good enough to climb high enough. The annoying thing is people openly admit and talk about them using it because there's literally "nothing blizzard will do", blizzard's reporting system may as well be non existent and this is why the experience for it's players is terrible. It's not because issues exist, but because blizzard do nothing about them....
What is Xim?
Blizzard should turn off aim assisst for kb&m users
01/28/2018 10:45 PMPosted by Evaunit01
What is Xim?

A hub for plugging in a keyboard and a mouse.
Well buy one yourself then? Lol.
A player with a surround sound headset is going to have an advantage over you.

Or a player using a 1ms gaming monitor is going to have an advantage over you if you game from a TV.

Or a player using a modded controller...

Or a player with a faster internet...

The list goes on, but the point is, all of these things are available for everyone to purchase and use. You can't blame these players for buying better gear to get more out of the game.

It's called maximizing your potential.

XIM is not the problem by the way, it's Blizzard.. All they need to do is openly support MNK on console by letting you plug it straight into your PS4 without the use of an adapter..

The best way to play FPS games is with a mouse, the controller has too many limitations to what it can achieve, so it always baffles me when people want the best input devices to be removed.

Gamers should be supporting for more options, not championing for less.
So blizzard is responsible for console peripherals now?

Contact Sony/Microsoft I'm no expert but banning people from a paid online system you do not own for using perfect legal hardware is a bad idea and could cut into online subscription profits.
My friends, I have tested XIM on overwatch, it does not work correctly. There is huge lag delay
01/29/2018 06:19 AMPosted by MHz
My friends, I have tested XIM on overwatch, it does not work correctly. There is huge lag delay

"My friends", usually whenever someone starts with the phrase "My Friend" you are about to be scammed.

My Friend, Trust me, this is great. My Friend, I have a special deal for you. My Friend, I have never offered this deal to someone like you before. My Friend, XiM isn't working on Ps4....trust me....

There's a comedian that did a bit about buying 4 rugs from a guy who started every sentence with "My Friend"...and he was homeless at the time...with 4 rugs!
You are probably overestimating the effect that a kb/m adaptor has on your ability in the game. There is a lot of stuff going on inside that thing that has an adverse effect on aiming too. The delay MHz pointed out is just part of it.

You really should try it for yourself and see what it's like. It isn't going to skyrocket you a tier higher from where you are now.

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