When the game is patched, will OWL be patched too?

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Or is OWL going to be playing Mercywatch until June?
It'll catch up eventually I think, but will be slower to do so then the live client. Though don't expect mercy nerfs in the next patch, they haven't been on PTR for long. Probably get Just the content next patch and balance about 2 weeks after.
dude, OWL isn't even being played on the current build now, I doubt they're going to change it and risk throwing off their precious pros.
As far as I know, tournaments are held at a different patch level so pro players don't need to shift their comps mid-season and re-learn heroes because the patch dumpstered their picks/specialties.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, the patches arrive mid-season so we do have to re-learn heroes at the cost of our SR.

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