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On a team based game, playtime doesn't mean anything. You could have a platinum border and still be low rank.
I've met a random (enemy) master player trying to flame me and saying I can't get out of gold because I'm just bad (even though I don't even play competitive). I picked Widowmaker, and so did he. I won the matchup. And that's why I don't even listen to these crybabies anymore.
I've got a golden-border friend who dropped from low masters to high gold (he's a singer so he has a busy schedule and he dropped for inactivity), and nobody has ever told him something like that. Also, he doesn't care. He loves the game.

Look at me, level 400, silver, my duo partner, level 600 and low gold. We don't care. We deserve that rank. It's our playstyle.

Don't listen to all those people who try to bring you down!
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I'm assuming you're talking about 1v1 scenarios, or something like that.

That's where mechanical skill is important.
It's a mistake to think that being good at duels makes you good at the game overall.

There's a bit more depth to this game than that.

Actually not just 1v1 scenarios, I understand that mechanical skill plays a huge importance, There's a lot of variables at play that makes it difficult to "flat out" determine your rank, but I'd bet money on some Silvers that there's some Plats that can't keep up.

There definitely are people stuck in "elo hell", but usually you can climb. It just takes time.
It took me around 2 months of playing daily for at least 3 rounds, usually more, to get to plat from my original placements that put me in high silver.
A lot of people expect to just magically climb, when you really need to invest some time into it.
Most people in this world you encounter, feel the need to put someone else down to make themselves feel better.

I classify these people as gutter trash, normally
- uneducated
- low income earners
- blame the world for their problems, other than working for anything.

Easiest thing to do is avoid them.
Dear diary,

i play healer because most people don't want to. Yesterday i asked why did nobody on our team wanted to stay on payload (besides me as Lucio -_-). I was told: "because you suck".

I hate playing healer because of this kind of behavior.
Best you can do with these kinds of people is roll your eyes and ignore/mute them. Engaging an argument with them is pointless and will leave yourself more frustrated. They have to learn on their own that swinging your e-peen around for self-gratification only paints the image of a spoiled child who need to feel bigger than they really are.
Why do you even want to be at higher ranks? I've been near the top of diamond a few times and the games just get so crazy they're not enjoyable half the time. Also you get paired up with a bunch of masters or grand masters and you're expected to pull the same weight as them.

People tilt a lot regardless of skill level...
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I personally think if you are that level you should have improved a somewhat noticeable amount but even then why do I care people got this game to enjoy it.

Thats the idea that many people have. Couldnt be more far from the truth.

Playing a lot doesnt necessarily mean you are improving or that you should be minimum x rank. Practise doesnt makes it perfect, makes it permanent. If I never review my plays, dont learn from my mistakes, dont follow pro play for tips/tricks and dont improve my aim, I will not make progress. I will just be very familiar with the game. And the way I play will be permanent.

And this is what you call being hardstruck x rank. I am silver border and hardstruck diamond. If I played more and actually tried improving, yeah I would easily rank up. But im not doing it coz Im older and dont have the motivation/time.

Point is, silver/gold border just means you play the game for a long time. It means nothing in terms of skill.

I have a steam account of 13 years, Played CS for almost 20 years. A lot of freaking hours on that game. But im no pro, with your logic I should be. Coz I didnt spent most of those hours practising/learning, I spent those to compete and have fun. Play the best I can.
When someone tries that nonsense, I admit that I only play enough comp to place these days. Sometimes I add that I was placing gold, sometimes barely plat before I started placing diamond.

There isn't much that can be said after that. Mostly because I own my flaws, but also because a jump of over 500 SR after multiple seasons of fighting against crap MMR isn't something to sneeze at.

Just because I'm not where they think I should be, doesn't mean there's something wrong with me. I play for fun more than I play to win, I have other games that I've dedicated over a decade of my time to for that.
First off, diamond is NOT a bad rank. From what we know, it's the top 10% of the playerbase. If you've been hitting diamond SR on consecutive seasons, you belong there, and are by no means a bad player.

Second, not everyone plays comp all the time, you can get a gold or even plat border by just playing arcade or quickplay. I usually only play around 100 matches of comp per season, but I play loads more game in the arcade. There are people who just do their placements every season to get some CP and then don't bother coming back. They can still be really good players, but just don't have a lot of experience in comp games. I've gotten wrecked by players in the arcade who were barely platinum SR, because they just don't play enough comp to get to the rank they deserve to be.

Third, don't even bother with people trying to bring you down, in an online game no less. It's just not worth it.
People who say stupid stuff like this don't understand what they're talking about and it's sad. It doesn't matter how many hours you have on the game that doesn't make you a master at it. I'v had one guy in the entire game say to me "You're level 600 and still in low diamond?" I guess everyone at my level must be top 500 then.....oh wait.....

Edit: I think people are so used to the games where when you level up you get better equipment to make things easier for you. Which isn't the case at all for Overwatch.
My best comeback for this I found on the forums

Kid: "You're only gold rank with a silver border!"
Me; "Yeah I play with friends and get bonus experience for grouping. You should try getting some!"

Just pure silence in chat after that. It brings me great joy.
Because you stick out like a sore thumb. Doesn't matter if everyone else is playing awfully terrible on your team, because someone will it make it a habit to correlate their losses to another higher level than them.

I've been in teams with players that don't know how to heal properly. Can't, don't and won't utilize ults for anything. Not very good team players. Players who run off by themselves and get killed.

Nevermind their stupidity, no, I'm the stupid one for being so high level and not progressing naturally.

Gee, I can't figure out the problem.
Time playing this game really means nothing. Well, of course if someone is like level 30, they don't have the experience with the game yet. But if you see someone who's level 500. That means they just like playing the game. There's no requirement to ever play comp. I'm 770, Silver rank. But I win in high plat level matches in QP all the time. Everyone usually goes: "why are you silver?" I don't have the inclination to grind in comp anymore. I got my gold skin and I'm happy. You shouldn't judge everything on stats alone.
If someone says that to me I just tell them because I’m stuck playing with idiots like you. They usually shut up then.
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My best comeback for this I found on the forums

Kid: "You're only gold rank with a silver border!"
Me; "Yeah I play with friends and get bonus experience for grouping. You should try getting some!"

Just pure silence in chat after that. It brings me great joy.
I said that in a post a while back :D

But seriously yea just say something like this or ignore them. I get this abuse almost daily now for my silver border and gold comp rank.

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