Mercy/Junkrat Bug - Incorrect Ally Portrait

Bug Report
Experienced a bug yesterday where the ally portrait was blank from a distance, Soldier up close for rez--but Junkrat was the one who got revived.

Here is my recording of the bug:

Our Soldier goes down first--I choose not to rez him and he respawns normally. Our Junkrat ults and gets killed mid-ult. His portrait from a distance shows a blank blue circle. When I get close, it shows Soldier's portrait but with the Junkrat's username. I use rez and Junkrat gets revived.

This happened on BlizzardWorld, so uncertain if it's due to the new map or if it's from changing portraits between Junkrat and his tire during ult. This only happened once and his portrait was normal during the rest of the game.

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