Which hero is the farthest removed from launch version?

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I think its a toss up between dva and mercy
I’m biased and would say McCree, but that’s just not true. D.Va had some tweaking, but Mercy has been more consistent outside her ult change. An honorable mention is Symmetra. I think D.Va might take this one.
We're on D.Va 6.0, so
D.va came to mind the moment I read the title. She got changed from a bully tank, to a DPS tank.

Basically, I really enjoyed having a d.va next to my Orisa as she can make my shield last much longer under focus fire, then fly to them after their barrage, take a few out and come back. That went away when her DM got nerfed and she no longer helped with defense.
Hard question. D.va, Mercy, Roadhog, Lucio, Symmetra, and Bastion have all received reworks to their kit.

I would say both D.va and Mercy play in an entirely different way from launch. Afterwards would be both Hog and Lucio as their playstyles changed, but not to the point of feeling like completely different characters. Symmetra and Bastion (to me) largely play the same as before.
Mercy, D.Va, and Hog all could make a case for themselves.
Mercy without question. Her ultimate ability got changed and she got a new 'E' ability.
Mercy. Huge res was her big thing and it has since been completely changed to a slower, smaller-scale, less mobile version of itself on a cooldown instead of a charge. She also has a new ultimate that doesn't remotely resemble her old one.

D.Va received some pretty vast changes as well, as did Symmetra, but I think Mercy takes the cake. Perhaps I'm biased, though.
Remember when Dvas bomb used to nuke herself too? Fun times fun times {sarcasm}
i would say junkrat because that change so he doesnt hurt himself made a huge difference
01/29/2018 06:25 PMPosted by Zence
Remember when Dvas bomb used to nuke herself too? Fun times fun times {sarcasm}

Remember when it took 4 seconds to go off too? I mean YIKES
Tracer xD
mercy IMO.

dvas had changes, but her 2 staples are still there, matrix and zoomy zoom.

after mercy id give it to lucio.
Mercy followed by Symmetra.
01/29/2018 06:12 PMPosted by AMERICAN
I think its a toss up between dva and mercy
Widowmaker, no longer can she quickshot all nontanks and get easier bodyshot kills.
Personally I'd argue Roadhog.

The changes to his hook combo and TaB has altered his base playstyle far more than either Mercy or Dva has gotten.
After the devs finally give in to pros, youtube "influencers" and the "influenced" hivemind of fans and remove res from game, Mercy.

But before then, D.Va.

She had her damage boost nerfed from 50 to 30, then buffed to 50 again, then nerfed again.

She had her HPS buffed from 50 to 60.

Her GA cooldown has been changed a few times. GA was bugged with Rework to be more fast/interactive, was removed with Halloween patch, added new GA feature similar to bug few weeks later.

Her ult charge has received around 3 increases in requirement.

Old Rez used to require standing still. Got buffed to allow movement. Got buffed to allow invulnerability.

Rez now is an E ability. Range and LOS changed. Several weeks later got nerfed to no longer reset GA cooldown. Cast time and slow later added to rez.

Rez no longer Ult, now has Valkyrie instead. Valkyrie speed nerfed from 11 m/s to 9m/s, increased pistol damage removed. No longer reset rez upon activation but instead grants bonus charge. No longer puts rez cooldown to 10 seconds during Ult.

Now on PTR, GA speed during Valk reduced by 50%, Duration reduced to 15, no longer grants bonus rez, rez no longer instant during Valk.

I'll bet my SR she will be changed again within 2-3 weeks after PTR goes live.
Yall are forgetting about my boi Lucio

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