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I mean... I have fun playing Lucio... sometimes
I will switch to moira. However I know dps will come for her next which kinda sucks. I enjoy rein and roadhog.

Sombra for dps
I'll still play Mercy, but her ult feels so unfun. Speed reduction, only 1 Rez in ult, movement speed reduction on rez in ult. It's too much.

That being said, I'll get used to it (like I did many times in the past year). I think I'll play more supports on this account though, and some more D.Va. I haven't picked up Lucio or Zen in a while.
Mercy play is about to fall off sooo hard now.
I'm not going to touch Mercy for a while in comp until this circus show sorts itself out. I'm going to be playing only tanks and dps as of now and I'm just glad I'm no longer the team's babysitter.
"When the going gets tough, the tough get going"

Will try to adjust to these changes.

I'm not a healer, i'm an adapter, i can adjust.

If DPS think they're getting me off this game that easily...
I'll most likely just play Zen from now on if I ever even feel like playing support. Honestly healing in this game just isn't very fun anymore when you're expected to be a walking free kill.

If not Zen, I'll probably just play Tanks/DPS (mainly Hanzo, Tracer, Reaper, and Hog) since I still enjoy playing those roles.
I play many of the heroes but I’ll still play mercy despite the nerfs. I feel like she’ll be more balanced now and I’ll still enjoy to play her as long as there isn’t too much toxicity from other players.
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What now?

I uninstalled Overwatch 10 minutes after the nerfs hit live.

Only to reinstall later
I am a Mercy one-trick, partly because people don't usually pick healers so I have to, and partly because flying between teammates is just too much fun (seriously GA is the best ability in the game, it makes me feel like spider-man or something). No other character is that entertaining to play for me, so why play something else right?

I think I will just keep playing Mercy, the question is, if my teammates will be satisfied with me playing her. I somehow managed to get to masters, didn't ask to be there, I had more fun in plat, games were less stressful, and I cannot play any other character on this level so if I will be forced to play something else, I guess I will just keep dropping... a lot.

One thing, however, that I cannot get over is that Valkyrie has now NOTHING to do with ressurection, at first I was alright with Valkyrie replacing ress, because Valkyrie still made you ressurect more often, and faster, but now everything that had something to do with ressurection was removed from Valkyrie. :/

So I guess we will just see.
I mean, I'll still play. She certainly won't be trash tier like everyone seems to think.
I'll play her in comp or if I have to in qp, but otherwise I play Mei and all the tanks
I'm generally excited about the Mercy nerfs. As someone who has predominantly played mercy seasons 4 through eight, I think that it's a much needed change to the current state of the game. In my opinion, the main issue with Mercy was that I felt she was a "must" pick in each game. If you look at pick rates on websites like Overbuff, you'll see that mercy has the highest pick rate out of all the heroes. There should be more flexibility in terms of the viability of support heroes; a game isn't well balanced when one hero outshines all others. With these changes, I think I'll be more comfortable playing heroes like Zen and Moira instead of feeling forced to play Mercy. I do believe that mercy will still have strengths in certain situations as her healing output with Valkyrie is rather substantial. I consider myself fine to continue playing the game as I have before, yes I mained Mercy, but am more than able to play other heroes. I'll post back in a week if my SR has plummeted.
What do you mean "What now?"

I've mained mercy since 1.0. And slogged through her rework. Even though I still believe strongly in her revert, this nerf doesn't take away all the experience I've had playing her.

One doesn't just stop playing a hero they love. They adapt, and they evolve. Even after 5 previous nerfs, this isn't a dealbreaker with the way I play, and I am still very effective with the hero. This nerf will be no different.

I certainly won't be changing my playstyle, and will still be playing her as much as I need to, as well as vouching for a revert. Heroes never die. #TeamMercy #RevertMercy
Keep pushing for a revert, it's all I can do
I'm going to do my best to adapt as I've had to do with all the other changes she's been through, but it's going to be much more difficult this time around because while I agree that changes were needed, this nerf was a bit harsh.

I probably shouldn't be, but I'm surprised at the level of toxicity I've seen in just the few games I've played since the patch - and not just from the enemy team taunting me, but also from my own team despite the fact that she's still the most reliable single target healer and I'm outhealing the other healers in game.
The reason I bought this game was in the fourth season, I have played more than 200 hours on she, only because of the style of her game.... Changes to she hurts my feelings and the reasons to continue farther playing this game. In this season I have played 2 hours on she... My last reason to continue playing this game was my rating, but it slowly goes away.

Thank you for season 4 and season 5, but now my patience is exhausted, I'm finishing off wasting my time on mindless games with trolls to play characters I don't like but I need to pick it for "team needs"
I'll just keep playing Moira. Were mercy still fun to play, I'd probably play the two equally, but as it stands I find a lot more enjoyment out of Moira.

You know, until they nerf Moira into the ground, in which case, forget supporting. I'm maining Sombra.
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I quit the moment the full PTR changes went live. I could learn other heroes. I have played other heroes, and they were fun. Mercy was just the most fun for me.

The way some people talk about Mercy you would think that holding down mouse 1/2 the entire game was on par with beating Deep Blue at chess.

If she's complete crap now because you don't get a free rez when you press Q and a little less Valk speed then how great was she before?

I think this whole "Mercy main" thing is just people who are afraid to actually make tactical decisions in a game like when to initiate, when to dive, etc. because sitting back and healing everyone is easy and pretty hard to screw up. Plus when you die, you can just blame your team for not protecting you. Otherwise, you can just spend half the game flying around in the air.

I'm not saying all Mercy players are like that but I've seen a lot with this "Why didn't you keep me alive?!" mindset who want to sit back the entire game and demand a personal bodyguard for doing you this great favor.
I can flex, but I'll try to learn her new style and adjust. I can always fall back on other heroes if it doesn't work out.

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