Is there any hero you have never or would never play as?

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Genji/Tracer. Now that I'm using very low sensitivity, I do not have the space to 180 fast enough for either of them.
I suck at Widow, McCree, Hanzo.
So I will never play those
I would never play Mei i *hate* her with a passion she's been killing me since level 10 and even now i still hate her and i will for ever bash my head against walls if i see her in game
also widow i just suck at her and the toxicity for playing widow is insane
I'm bad at Doomfist,Symmetra,Bastion

I'm also not the best with mei either
I don’t want to play Mercy, but I have to. No one wants to go healer, yet no one wants me to go Ana.

Slowly transformed into a Mercy main and here I am today. Regret and all.
The only time I ever play Doomfist is when I get him in Mystery Heroes otherwise I don't pick him at all. I'm probably the worst Doomfist in history. I'm more like Wetnoodlefist.
Tracer. She is cancer of OW.
Winston, don't like his play style, don't like his kit. Since you can't suicide in Mystery Heroes for a new hero, he is the sole reason I no longer play that mode in arcade.
I've tried to play each hero, and yeah there are some I'm better with than others.

The one I loathe playing the most is easily Symmetra. Honestly don't like anything about her play-style or character.
my least played is mercy, the recent changes to her do nothing but reaffirm how much I don't want to play her.
0 minutes on Mercy baby
i'd probably never play doomfist or hog. after the mercy nerf, i'll stop playing her in comp
Mercy, to me at least she is the most boring hero imaginable in a game that calls itself an FPS.
I hate the Shimada's, so I refuse to play as them in case anyone else feels the way I do.
Genji - He's !@#$ing broken. If I wanted to be all powerful and never die I'd play a single player game.

Sym- %^-*ing boring. No aim, no brain.

Torb- !@#$ing boring. No aim, no brain

Doomfist- Cheesy at best, completely useless at worst

Sombra- LMFAO what a waste of dev time this hero was. Literally useless.

Roadhog- Brain dead character that blizzard rushed into the game. He has a kit that can carry any %^-*ter to master rank.

Bastion - LMAO no.

Mei- Trash character. Hard CC has no place in an FPS.
Hanzo, Torbjorn, and Symmetra. They're no for me.

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